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Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.01 Microsoft Visual Source Safe (MVSS) Presented By: Rachel Espinoza.

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1 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.01 Microsoft Visual Source Safe (MVSS) Presented By: Rachel Espinoza

2 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.02 WHAT IS MS VISUAL SOURCESAFE 6.0? The version control system that enables you to manage your individual and team projects easier than ever before! Developer 1Developer 2Developer 3 Function AFunction BFunction C Project Dependency

3 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.03 VERSION CONTROL Team coordination — making sure, by default, that only one person at a time is modifying a file. Version tracking — archiving and tracking old versions of source code and other files, which can be retrieved for bug fixing and other purposes.

4 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.04 TRACKING VERSIONS OF FILES/PROJECTS Version numbers: These are internal numbers maintained by VSS. The user has no control over these numbers. The version number is always a whole number and always increases. Labels: These are user-defined strings that can be applied to any version of a project or file. A label is a free-form string of up to 31 characters. Date/Time stamp: These tell when a file was last modified, or when a file was checked in. VSS supports both 12-hour format (with "a" or "p" suffix) and 24-hour format.

5 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.05 PURPOSE Don’t want to lose or overwrite files! Want to restore to an old version! Have to merge changes with another developer! Need to compare differences! Need to find out who’s been messing with your code! Have a shared component but it’s in several different places!

6 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.06 FEATURES Project Oriented –Share files –Synchronize changes –Project history: view version info, comments, general details Reverse Delta Storage: In VSS, the current version of a file is used as the baseline, and changes from the previous versions are saved. –Restore past versions Any Type Content –Source code –Application components –Web content –Documents

7 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.07 SOURCESAFE ADMINISTRATOR CONTD… Administrator tasks: –Creating databases –Creating and maintaining user- lists –Set Default Security Rights: Read-Write, Read-Only –Enable Project-Security: Rights by Project, Rights by User, Copy user rights (Read, Check Out, Add, Destroy) Other tasks: –Enabling / Disabling Exclusive / Multiple Checkouts –Archive / Restore/ Lock Databases –Creation of Web Projects –Creation of Shadow Folders

8 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.08 KEY SOURCESAFE COMPONENTS All files are stored in a centralized database on the server Any kind of files can be stored in SourceSafe: code, DLLs, graphics, documents, help files, icons, … Files are stored in projects in the VSS database analogous to files stored in a windows folder. Each user is provided with a local copy of the file to read or change in the user's working folder.

9 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.09 SOURCESAFE EXPLORER

10 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.010 FOUR KEY COMMANDS Get: Gives a local copy of a file or project in the working folder (read-only) to view or to compile. Check Out: Gives a local copy of a file or project, (writable) to edit. (*May or may not be exclusive!) Check In: Copies edited file back into database making it available to other users. (Stores old versions with reverse deltas) Undo Check Out: Cancels check out, voiding all the changes made.

11 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.011 OTHER IMPORTANT COMMANDS Create Project: Creates a new project Add Files: Adds files to a project Delete: Deletes a file or project Difference: Shows what changed in this file or project Share: Copies files from other projects into the current project History: Shows all the versions of this file or project

12 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.012 ADVANCED SOURCESAFE FEATURES Sharing Branching/Merging Shadowing

13 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.013 SHARING Sharing is how you track reusable files. Technically, sharing means that one file is in multiple projects at the same time All updates are automatically propagated, since there is only one file There is no “master project”: all sharing projects are peers Foo.cpp $/A$/B 5 4 3 2 1

14 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.014 BRANCHING Branching a file breaks the shared link, making the file in that project independent of all other projects. The changes made in the file are not reflected elsewhere, and vice versa. Once a branch is created; two files (the file in the project, and its counterpart in other projects) have a shared history up to a certain point, and divergent histories after that time. Release 1.0 Release 1.1 (bugfix) Release 2.0 merge

15 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.015 MERGING Merging is the process of combining differences in two or more changed copies of a file into a single, new version of the file. In VSS, a merge can occur in three different circumstances: when using multiple checkouts, when explicitly merging previously branched files, and when getting a file. There are two methods that can be used for viewing and resolving merge conflicts: visual merge and manual merge.

16 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.016 VISUAL MERGE

17 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.017 SHADOWING Central, optional folder that contains current versions of all the files in a project. The shadow folder does not contain the master copy of a file or the local copy of a file. It provides a central location from which to view the overall structure of the project and serves as a convenient place to build or compile the project.

18 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.018 INTEGRATION INTO EDITING ENVIRONMENTS Integration means you can execute SourceSafe commands directly inside your editing environment like VC++/VB. SourceSafe commands are added to the application’s menus. Developers can perform checkouts / checkins and other operations without leaving the development environment. Some less commonly used commands still require the SourceSafe Explorer.

19 Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.019 SUMMARY Data are not lost in any case Any type of file can be protected Team productivity is increased Version control is transparent

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