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Industrial Revolution Vocabulary

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1 Industrial Revolution Vocabulary

2 Agrarian/Agricultural Revolution
A period in the early 1700’s when there was an increase in the effectiveness of farming

3 Rural Country

4 Enclosure The purchasing and combination of many small farms buy a single owner Forces many to move to the cities Allows for experimentation in farming

5 Urban city

6 Urbanization The growth of cities as well as people moving to the cities

7 Industrialization The growth of factories

8 Industrial Revolution
A period beginning in the mid 1700’s when the production of goods shifted from hand made to machine made

9 Factors of Production Things needed for successful industrialization
Land, Labor, and Capital!

10 Natural Resources Materials in the environment which can be used for production; wood, gas, oil, rivers

11 Union A group of workers joined together to fight for better wages & working conditions

12 Laissez Faire Idea that the government should not interfere with the economy (hands off)

13 Economy Money system

14 Free Market Economy/Capitalism
An economic system based on supply and demand

15 Socialism/Mixed Economy
Economic system with both private and government run businesses

16 Command Economy/Communism
Economy where all economic decisions are made by the government

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