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Managing Information Systems Dr. Stephania Loizidou Himona ACSC 345.

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1 Managing Information Systems Dr. Stephania Loizidou Himona ACSC 345

2 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3452 Information Systems  Information Systems are becoming the foundation of business models and processes  They allow for the distribution of knowledge

3 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3453 IT and IS  What is Information Technology? –Any form of technology used by people to handle information.  What are Information Systems? –Integrated components processing, storing and disseminating information in an organisation. –Interdisciplinary study of systems that provide information to users in organisations. Pyle, I.C. & Illingworth, V. (Eds) (1996). Oxford Dictionary of Computing, 4 th Edition. Oxford / New York: Oxford University Press

4 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3454 Information and Data  Information –Clusters of facts meaningful and useful to human beings in processes such as making decisions  Data –Streams of raw facts representing events such as business transactions – meaningless without structure

5 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3455 Experiences of IT and IS  Examples of IT –Hardware (PC, UNIX server) –Software (e-mail, Internet, Windows, Word) –Consumer devices (mobiles, train times)  Examples of IS –File systems, databases, e-mail servers / clients –e-commerce –SAP, student records

6 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3456 Management Information Systems  MIS –The study of information systems focusing on their use in business and management.  Approaches –Technical –Behavioural –Sociotechnical


8 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3458 Why is IS Important?  For an organisation to survive and prosper –More locations (networking, Internet) –New products and services –Improve jobs and work flows:  Efficiency  Cost  Ethical and social issues

9 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC3459 Why is IS Important?  Worldwide changes: –Global economy –Knowledge- or information-based society –Business enterprise –Digital firm

10 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34510 Global Economy  Growing percentage of economy relies upon import and export  Need to operate globally  IS can provide global trading infrastructure

11 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34511 Information Economy 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 1900 1910 19201930 1940 1950 1960 1970 19801997 YEAR % SERVICE % WHITE COLLAR % BLUE COLLAR % FARMING

12 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34512 Changes to Society  Change of employment profiles: –Less farming –Less ‘blue collar’ – manufacturing –Increased service –Increased ‘white collar’ – office-based  USA: 55% of work force are in knowledge- or information-based activities  Shift of manufacture to low-wage countries

13 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34513 Business Enterprise  Change from hierarchical organisations  Now flat, decentralised  Relies on instant information  Flexibility with customer focus, with increasing importance

14 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34514 Digital Firm  An organisation where: –Nearly all relationships with customers, suppliers and employees is digital –Business processes accomplished through digital networks  Flexible  Dependent upon on IT

15 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34515 Course Objectives  Provide an understanding of –IS and underlying IT –Impact on organisations of IS –Implementation and management of IS –IS and global organisations  Provide awareness of IS in your role as a professional

16 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34516 Course Content  Information Systems in an Organisation  Information Systems, Organisations, Management and Strategy  Enhancing Management Decision Making  Managing Data and Information  Redesigning the Organisation with Information Systems and Managing Change

17 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34517 Course Content  Electronic Commerce and the Internet  Information Systems Security and Control  Managing International Information Systems  Managing Assets

18 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34518 Tutorials  Three case studies over semester –Information systems, organisations and decision support –Changing organisations –International organisations and the Internet

19 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34519 Assessment  One piece of individual course-work –40% of module –Case study report –Set in week 1 –Due beginning week 10-12  Exam –60% of module

20 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34520 Text Book  Haag, Cummings, McCubbrey (2004). Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 4th Edition. McGraw Hill.  Turban, McLean, Wetherbe (1999). Information Technology for Management, 2nd Edition. John Wiley & Sons. Inc.  Laudon, K.C. & Laudon, J.P. (2002). Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 7th Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall International, Inc.

21 Dr. S. Loizidou - ACSC34521 Topics Topic Lecture Notes Introduction1 Information Systems in an Organisation 2 Information Systems, Organisations, Management & Strategy 3 Coursework Enhancing Management Decision Making 4, 5 Information Systems Security and Control 6, 7 Electronic Commerce and the Internet 8 Case Study Databases9? Exam

22 Planning a New Internet Business

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