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External Review Exit Report Midvale School District #433> December 3-4, 2014.

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1 External Review Exit Report Midvale School District #433> December 3-4, 2014

2 AdvancED is the global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services to over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide. AdvancED 2

3 An international protocol for institutions committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable improvement –Builds capacity of the institution to improve and sustain student learning –Stimulates and improves effectiveness and efficiency throughout the institution Accreditation 3

4 A diagnostic process to stimulate and guide continuous improvement with a focus on: –Impact of teaching and learning –Capacity of leadership –Use of resources Professional judgment by the team results in: –Powerful Practices –Opportunities for Improvement –Improvement Priority –Index of Education Quality –Accreditation Recommendation External Review 4

5 Number Superintendent1 Board Members3 Administrative1 Parents9 Teachers10 Students22 Support Staff4 Total50 Stakeholders 5

6 Teaching and Learning Impact The team examined student performance results; instructional quality; learner and family engagement; support services for student learning; curriculum quality and efficacy; and college and career readiness data. Domains 6

7 General appreciation for the school Great deal of individualization Differentiated Instruction Nurturing environment Informal atmosphere is a positive Low student-teacher ratio Findings + 7

8 Board Communication to Stakeholders Building safety Outdated textbooks All staff recognize student need to digest curriculum at a higher level of understanding. Findings - 8

9 Instruction Rating (1-4) DomainsMidvaleAEN 1 Equitable Learning Environment 2.642.66 2 High Expectations Environment 2.942.78 3 Supportive Learning Environment 3.373.03 4 Active Learning Environment 3.102.94 5 Progress Monitoring and Feedback Environment 2.662.73 6 Well-Managed Learning Environment 3.293.09 7 Digital Learning Environment 1.191.88 9

10 Leadership Capacity The team examined institutional purpose and direction, governance and leadership effectiveness; stakeholder engagement, improvement capacity and results. Domains 10

11 Leadership is very hands-on Leadership is well respected Established chain of command Collaborative Open door policy for stakeholders Findings + 11

12 None Findings - 12

13 Resource Utilization The team examined allocation and use of resources; equity of resource distribution to need; level and sustainability of resources; long range capital and resource planning effectiveness. Domains 13

14 The staff does a great job in carrying out multiple roles Use of supplementary materials Use of students in projects and programs Findings + 14

15 Facilities are need of updating. Continue to explore funding for future building needs. Continue to educate stakeholders on the value of the new building Findings - 15

16 Conclusions Index of Education Quality (IEQ) –Impact of teaching and learning on student performance –Capacity of leadership to guide and ensure effectiveness in carrying out the strategic direction of the institution –Utilization of resources to meet the diverse needs of the students and institution –Use as a tool for formative analysis and continuous improvement –Connects the conditions, processes, and practices to evidence including student performance 16

17 DomainsExternal Review IEQ Score AE Network Average Overall Score286.67282.79 Teaching and Learning Impact291.43 274.14 Leadership Capacity305.45296.08 Resource Utilization242.86286.32 I ndex of E ducational Q uality Results 17

18 One of major challenges the Midvale School District is a facilities issue. The current facilities, while well-maintained, are timeworn and not sufficient for today’s educational needs. The school board and administration are commended for their efforts to find ways to maintain current facilities and expand facilities to meet existing and future needs, using cost- effective measures. Given the resistance from many community members to expand facilities, it is incumbent for the administrators and board members to gain stronger support for their plans through survey, community meetings, neighborhood meetings, walk-through’s, use of outside experts, etc. The need for additional space that is more accommodating to meet the educational needs of today’s and tomorrow’s learners is evident. Midvale School District has many obvious strengths but the classroom experience for today’s learner is enhanced by having more access to classroom technology, and other hands-on activities which are simply not currently available. Challenges 18

19 The External Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that Midvale School District #433 earn the distinction of accreditation for a five- year term. AdvancED and the Commission on Accreditation will review the results of the External Review to make a final determination including the appropriate next steps for the institution in response to these findings. Recommendation 19

20 The External Review Team: –Appreciates your hospitality, support and professionalism. –Respects and acknowledges the efforts to improve the quality of your school system. –Congratulates your system and community on completing the requirements for system Accreditation. Final Thoughts 20

21 THANK-YOU Go Rangers

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