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Grants Pass High School Four Year Plan Tracking System Celena Shouse-Bland.

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1 Grants Pass High School Four Year Plan Tracking System Celena Shouse-Bland

2 Grants Pass High School 1600 students Grades 9 through 12 Daily schedule of seven 50 minute periods Semester and mid-semester grading 93 certified staff members 60 support staff

3 New Graduation Requirements The state is in the process of implementing new graduation requirements. Some of these include the CIM, CAM and PASS, which will be presented in more detail. Each school district is responsible for creating a system to track this new information – which is the focus of this project.

4 CIM - Certificate of Initial Mastery The CIM is an award earned by students to demonstrate their level of academic performance. Requirements should be met in 10 th grade, but students can work on their CIM from 9 th through 12 th grades.

5 CIM Requirements Students must achieve minimum scores on state tests and on work samples in a variety of subjects. Each year there are more requirements being added.

6 CIM Requirements Class of 2003 English (Reading / Writing / Speaking) Mathematics Science Class of 2006 English Mathematics Science The Arts Second Language Social Science Physical Education

7 CAM – Certificate of Advanced Mastery The purpose of the CAM is to assure that each student is prepared for successful transitions to his or her next steps. In preparation for a successful transition there are 5 goals students must meet.

8 CAM Requirements 1. Develop an education plan and profile. 2. Extended application pertaining to personal and career interests and goals. 3. Apply career related knowledge and skills. 4. Plan career related learning experiences. 5. Meet specific CIM performance standards.

9 PASS Proficiency-based Admission Standards System Based on standards that describe the academic skills and knowledge students need to demonstrate to be accepted into Oregon’s seven public universities.

10 PASS Started in 1993 by the Oregon University System (OUS) for three reasons: – PASS aligns college admission with Oregon’s statewide K-12 school improvement plan. – Grades aren’t an adequate measurement system. – PASS provides admissions offices with better information about applicants.

11 PASS By fall 2005, students applying for OUS admission will be expected to present evidence of proficiency in all six content areas: – English (fall 2001) – Math (fall 2001) – Science (fall 2002) – Visual and Performing Arts (fall 2003) – Second Languages (fall 2004) – Social Science (fall 2005)

12 Diploma Requirements A REGULAR DIPLOMA is awarded when students meet minimum course requirements, earn 25 credits and satisfy work sample requirements including the Senior Project. A MODIFIED DIPLOMA is awarded to special education students who meet the requirements.

13 Career Related Learning Career-related learning standards are broad, transferable life skills essential for success after high school – in employment, further schooling, family and community life.

14 Career Related Learning Standards Personal Management Problem Solving Communication Teamwork Organizations and Systems Employment Foundations Career Development

15 Pathways One of the ways Grants Pass High School is helping students prepare for their futures is to have them select a Pathway Major. The Pathways help students focus on subjects that interest them. There are six different Pathways and each of the six offer either a professional or technical focus.

16 Pathway Options Arts & Communications Business & Management Health Services Human Resources Industrial & Engineering Natural Resources

17 Pathways Students are required to choose a Pathway by the end of their Sophomore year, however they can change their minds later on. This is not to limit their options – it is to help focus their interests. They are required to take 4 credits (8 semester long classes) from classes related to their Pathway. They are also allowed 4 elective credits that could be any class they choose.

18 Are You Confused Yet? All of these different requirements can be confusing – especially to new freshmen. Project goals include reducing confusion by: – clearly defining all graduation requirements – creating a system to track students’ progress towards graduation and the path they will follow to meet the required goals.

19 My Capstone Project Create a web site with information on the Pathway options and graduation requirements. Progress can be viewed at: Define the requirements for a new four year plan tracking system for students’ education and career forecasts.

20 Current Systems Being Used SASI and CLASS XP A class scheduling system. Currently all student schedules must be entered by hand – which is one thing the new system should reduce or eliminate. Fox Pro A database system.

21 People Involved Defining the requirements of the new system is complex because of the variety of stakeholders involved: – Administrators – IS Department – Counselors – Teachers – Career Coordinators – Students

22 “Problems” Encountered Coordinating schedules for meetings. Converting the Curriculum Guide from Quark on a MAC to MS Word on a PC. Keeping the amount of redundant data to a minimum (i.e. Class descriptions on the web, in SASI and in the Curriculum Guide) to reduce the time it will take to update information in the future.

23 Future Plans – Spring Term Finish web site defining Pathway options, course descriptions, testing standards and graduation requirements Update course descriptions in SASI Re-number courses to match new standardized state requirements Define requirements of new database system

24 Each year requirements are changing. The challenge is being flexible enough to incorporate these new standards as they are being defined.

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