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The I.D.(The Idea Developer) By: Daniel, Chris, and Ryan.

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1 The I.D.(The Idea Developer) By: Daniel, Chris, and Ryan

2 The I.D.’s Purpose It will save time and money It will print your ideas so you can save paper and explain things more clearly It will save paper because when you draw something and it doesn`t come out quite right you throw it away but if you use the I.D. you won`t have to! It will save your ideas and you wont forget your ideas again.

3 Who will benefit from the I.D. Mostly students will benefit, although teachers may too. With this invention, students will never embarrass themselves in front of the class because they can`t think of what to say.

4 How to use the I.D. It`s only 3 steps! First, activate the machine with the button on the back. Face the machine and press the button on the front and look at the scanner Wait five seconds and your idea will print out on a sheet of paper

5 How it works After you press the button, a scanner will you read your brain waves. It will take the information you are thinking about, the idea, and interpret it into paper. It will then print out a detailed report.

6 Why is this better then what we already have? What already exists is paper and pencil. This product will start a new era. This will save time and money. Ever thought of an idea you don’t know how to explain? This will fix almost all (%99) of your thinking problems. Buy today!

7 What Will Change in the Classroom? In the classroom you won`t have to waste paper trying to explain something or trying to draw it. Instead you will just press the button and allow it to scan your brain and the idea will print out.

8 The Diagram Brain Wave Scanner I.D. Activation Screen Idea Printer

9 Explanation As you saw in the last slide the I.D. resembles a printer. This design is a bit thinner than a printer and it does have ink cartridges in the back. This machine will print out whatever you want it to. As long as you can think it, it can print it!

10 Investor`s Investors are welcome but you have to hurry! The I.D. is not as expensive as it sounds. All you need to do is tell us how much you want to invest and we will give you the stocks!

11 Warning The I.D. is not to be used outside, near water or by expecting mothers as this may cause severe brain damage or electrocution. This product also requires a minimum of one minute of time to recharge so do not overuse or it will explode or short circuit witch may cause severe injuries. The developers of the I.D. Are not responsible for any damages done due to the I.D. So Buy The I.D. Today

12 Thanks and Please buy Now! So Buy Now! We mean it!

13 Created and Developed By: Chris 7 Ryan Salazar Daniel Grizzard Created by Hot Wheels

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