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L EADER VS. F OLLOWERS Created by Andrea Nielsen M.ED. Brigham Young University.

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1 L EADER VS. F OLLOWERS Created by Andrea Nielsen M.ED. Brigham Young University

2 W HAT IS A LEADER AND A FOLLOWER ? A leader is one who tends to set trends, lead projects, activities or almost anything! They tend to be more outgoing and social than followers. Leaders are comfortable with having the spot light on themselves. A follower is a person who would rather go with the crowd than do something new and different. They are the shyer and quieter types. A follower is usually someone who is found doing an activity after someone else has done it. This quiz should help you get to know yourself and others better. Please take the time to read your results and identify with them.

3 A RE YOU A LEADER OR A FOLLOWER ? Question 1: You're with a group of friends. You see a person you think it cool, but you don't know if your other friends would like them. You really want to fit in with your friends. He/she is sitting alone and you wonder if you should go talk to him/her. Ignore the person. You can't afford to lose your friends for another who may not even like you. Talk to the person anyway. Your friends should like you for who are, not who you hang out with. Wait for one of your friends to go up and talk to them. If they don't, you'll ask them if they will.

4 Question 2: A boy/girl you know has just bought a pair of jeans you really like, but they aren't very popular. If you buy the jeans and back up your friend, you could risk getting rejected too. If you don't, you would save yourself from humiliation. Buy the jeans anyway. You really like them and you don't want to leave your friend hanging. You only buy them if you see a more popular person wearing them so you don't get rejected for your fashion statement. You buy them, but wonder why you hadn't bought them when you saw them at the store last week.

5 Question 3: Your Professor asks the class a question. No one seems to know the answer, but you do. You don't want to look like a goody-goody but you want the Professor's approval for a recommendation for a job. Forget the question. No one else is raising their hand, why should you? Raise your hand, but give a wrong answer so that you kind of please everyone. Your teacher thinks your putting effort in and your classmates don't think you're just trying to show off. Raise your hand! You know that answer and you're not ashamed of your intelligence!

6 Question 4: A petition is going around school that you don't agree with. It comes around to you and one of your friends urges you to sign it. Almost everyone else has signed it. Don't sign it and tell your friend why. You don't agree and you're not going to be pressured to sign. Sign it without saying a word. Just act like you totally agree so people won't get the idea that you're weird. Don't sign that petition. Instead, start a counter petition! You don't believe the petition is right so you start your own to spread your word.

7 Question 5: Your softball/baseball team goes to a game. After, your team celebrates at a local fast food restaurant. Most everyone orders the same thing. You want a salad and a coke. Get what you want. Since when did you eat what people wanted you to? Get what you want but tell everybody that it is cheaper than what they got because you only had a few bucks on you. Eat what they got, and avoid embarrassment.

8 Question 6: Your best friend just signed up for a cooking class. You, of course, would rather take art but a person you look up to thinks art is stupid and a waste of time. Take the art class and tell everyone your parents made you. Take the cooking class so you can be with your friend and you don't disappoint your friends. Take your art class, and explain to anyone who asks that you would benefit from it more and it's more fun.

9 Question 7: Some asks you to visit for entertainment. Your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks the site is a stupid wasted of time. Go to the site and don't tell your other half. Go to the site and tell your other half what you thought of it. They should appreciate and respect your opinion. Don't go. You don't want your bf/gf to not trust you if they find out that you went anyway.

10 Question 8: Almost everyone's favorite color is blue. Yours is yellow. In computer class, everyone is taking a quiz online asking their favorite color. You put blue so no one hassles you. Put yellow and say you just want to be different. You put yellow. It is a more vibrant and exciting color than blue.

11 Question 9: Everyone you know talks about one of your professors behind his/her back. You like the professor but you don't want to be called or thought of as a teacher's pet. Stand up for your teacher. They don't deserve to have lies told about them. Don't do anything. Your teacher is not your friend so you're not obligated to do anything. Agree with your friends who don't like her. You want to fit in, no matter what.

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