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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group November 11 th, 2009 SharePoint 2010 Administration Wes Preston, Brian Caauwe.

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1 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group November 11 th, 2009 SharePoint 2010 Administration Wes Preston, Brian Caauwe Meeting # 60

2 *Disclaimer* All of the information gathered and presented today is based on versions of the software prior to final release. Features and functionality *may still change* before the RTM versions are available. Many of the slides and graphics presented today were originally released and presented at SPC 09

3 Agenda Architecture Installation / Configuration Central Administration Tools

4 Architecture - Services Access Services Business Data Catalog Excel Services Managed Metadata Service People Search Service Application Secure Store Service State Service Usage and Health data collection Visio Graphics Service Web Analytics Service Application Word Conversion Service Application http://itweb/ Search User Profiles Excel Calc Visio 3rd party Service BDC WAC

5 Architecture - Services Highlighted Services – Business Data Catalog / Business Connectivity Services Full C.R.U.D. Support – Managed Metadata Service Single management of global content types – People 2-way sync to AD – Search Service Application Support for multiple index servers – Usage and Health data collection Best practices analyzer Built in reporting

6 Architecture - Authentication Classic Mode (Windows) – NTLM – Kerberos – Basic Claims Mode (Mixed) – Single URL!!! – Windows – Forms Based Authentication – Federation

7 Architecture - Office Web Applications Applications – Word – Excel – PowerPoint In Browser Viewing AND Editing Multi-Authoring Server side document loading… speeds up document viewing Links and Preview in search results

8 Installation / Configuration - Splash Screen

9 Installation / Configuration - Software Prerequisites Web Server (IIS) role Application Server role Microsoft.NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 Microsoft "Geneva" Framework Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 (x64) Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0 Microsoft Chart Controls for the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP3 SQL Server 2008 Native Client Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services ADOMD.NET ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 CTP2

10 Installation / Configuration - Farm Configuration Wizard Use only for Evaluation – Sets crazy database names

11 Central Administration Not just Operations / Application Management anymore

12 Central Administration - Application Management Web Applications Site Collection Service Applications Databases

13 Central Administration - Application Management List Throttling – View Threshold – OM Override – Lookup Threshold

14 Central Administration - System Settings Servers Email and Text Farm Management

15 Central Administration - System Settings Services on Server – Many more services – Keep server roles the same

16 Central Administration - Monitoring Health Analyzer Timer Jobs Reporting

17 Central Administration - Monitoring Web Analytics Report – Web Application Scoped – Customizable Date Ranges – Traffic – Search – Inventory – Custom Reports

18 Central Administration - Backup / Restore Farm Backups – Content and Configuration – Configuration ONLY Granular Backups – Same as export / import – Unattached Content DB

19 Central Administration - Backup / Restore Unattached Content Database Backup – Browse content – Backup Site Collection – Export site or list

20 Central Administration - Security User Settings General Security Information Policy

21 Central Administration - Security Managed Accounts – Reusable account list – Password Management

22 Central Administration - Upgrade and Migration Upgrade and Patch Management

23 Central Administration - Upgrade and Migration Manage Patch Status – Servers – Databases

24 Central Administration - General Application Settings External Service Connections InfoPath Forms Services Site Directory SharePoint Designer Search Content Deployment

25 Central Administration - General Application Settings SharePoint Designer Settings – Web Application Based – Enable SPD – Ghosting – Customize Master Pages Page Layouts – Manage structure

26 Tools - PowerShell Over 500+ new cmdlets Remote Access (PowerShell v2) Object Model terminology – SPWebApplication – SPSite – SPWeb Upgrade cmdlets – Test-SPContentDatabase – Upgrade-SPContentDatabase – Upgrade-SPEnterpriseSearchApplication PSConfig Replacement - New-SPConfigurationDatabase – New-SPConfigurationDatabase -DatabaseName SP2010_Config -DatabaseServer -AdministrationContentDatabaseName SP2010_Admin_Content Passphrase (ConvertoTo-SecureString “pass@word1” -AsPlainText -force)

27 Tools - Developer Dashboard Helps debug page loads, bad web parts

28 Tools - Correlation ID Each process in SharePoint are related Helps locate issues in SharePoint Logs

29 Why SharePoint 2010 is good for Administrators? Flexible services architecture Investments in authentication Multi-Authoring with Office Web Applications Reduces time needed and confusion for installation Lists can now scale to 50 Million items – Automatic View throttling Built in administrative reports Granular backup / restore IN browser – Unattached database restore Improved patch management More and more tools

30 Q & A

31 Thanks for coming!

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