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4/7/2008Kristina Riggs 1 Copyright for Students Kristina Riggs forward.

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1 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs 1 Copyright for Students Kristina Riggs forward

2 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs2 Definition of a Copyright A piece of work which "gives the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or license his or her work" (124 Bitter). BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

3 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs3 Protected by Copyright… Use of criticism Comment News reporting Teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use) Scholarship Research BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

4 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs4 Copyright Rules for Students With copyrighting as a student in college, the best thing to do is cite anything and everything that might be questioned. BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

5 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs5 NAPSTER Was a way to download almost any song for free Now, it is illegal to download free music. BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

6 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs6 NAPSTER Downloading music for free meant the artists were losing money on their own music. BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

7 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs7 Plagiarism Plagiarism is when someone uses someone else’s ideas or words and says they were their own ideas or words. There are many cites one can use to see if a document or an idea has been plagiarized. BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

8 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs8 Plagiarism Consequences Depending upon how severe the plagiarism is, there could be a number of consequences. BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

9 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs9 Plagiarism Consequences Detention Expulsion Fines Jail Time BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

10 4/7/2008Kristina Riggs10 Conclusion Always give credit where credit is due! BackBack Home ForwardHomeForward

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