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1 BrainWave Biosolutions Limited Accelerating Life Science Research through Technology.

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1 1 BrainWave Biosolutions Limited Accelerating Life Science Research through Technology

2 2 Introduction Headquarter : Chennai, India Founded : 2003 Focus : Product development and contract research services in bioinformatics and cheminformatics International customer service features: video conferencing facilities full access to Mitocon Biotec labs for proof-of-concept studies flexible contract options

3 3 Capabilities Focus Areas Text Data Web Data Numerical Natural Language Processing Decision Trees, Metadata Design Model using ER Representation Sequence, Structure & Function & QSAR Database Technologies Data MiningData Analysis Rank Order, Neural Network Neural Network, HMM, Clustering & Assembly Algorithms

4 4 Text Mining (NLP) TEXT DATA Vector Space Model HMMStemming Parsing Sparse Storage Query Matching Ranking & Relevance Feedback

5 5 Text Mining - Products & Solutions Product Protein-Protein interaction data extraction software coupled to interaction visualizer (Data from published abstracts or pdf files) Solutions Interested in identifying gene/protein functions, information on their localization and expression from literature data? We can provide Customized solutions for all your text mining requirements Our solutions will involve automated data extraction followed by expert manual curation You get the desired results in a format of your choice – database, document or spreadsheet

6 6 Text Mining - Screenshots

7 7 Web Mining Indexing Data abstraction Query creation and integration Web Data XML Parsing Nearest neighbor method Data visualization

8 8 Web Mining - Products & Solutions Products Search engine for retrieval and visualization of biological data Fast, accurate result of the information you want Solutions Need to extract scientific data from dynamic web pages on topic(s) of your research interest? You may provide us the targeted websites or our scientists can assist in selecting the websites Our search engine can extract content from your targeted websites and store the data to your required format

9 9 Biological Databases BIOLOGICAL DATABASES Oracle DB2 MySQL XML Relational, XML and Flat Files

10 10 Specialized Biological databases (design to implementation) Products DiaBase: An oracle database utilizing client-server technology providing information on probable drug targets for diabetes with intuitive GUI, visualizers and analysis tools IntegrinDB: A database on human integrins using XML technology Solutions All our products can be customized and integrated to your existing database(s) Looking for specialized biological or chemical database(s) or data/database integration? We can provide Customized solutions for all your database requirements Our proprietary data extraction tools & expert curation will be in action to provide the best solution Well informed decisions, time and cost savings

11 11 DiaBase – Screenshots

12 12 IntegrinDB – Screenshots

13 13 Chemical Databases CHEMICAL DATABASES Structure Collection – Manual Curation on client request Oracle/Java Structure Editor String Search Smiles/Smarts Fingerprinting/2D Descriptors Based/ Similarity Search flat file

14 14 Specialized Chemical Databases Products (in Development) Compound Library Generation with diverse chemistry space Focused Library Generation We can provide access to our small molecules collection for virtual screening

15 15 Products Integrated suite of computational biology tools developed in-house and from public domain for drug discovery support (in development). 3-D protein/small molecule structure viewer with sequence and fold features mapped on to it and ability to compare multiple structures (in development). Solutions Need customized algorithm for sequence matching/multivariate analysis/chemistry space diversity analysis? We can provide Custom sequence matching algorithm Clustering solution for your chemical compound library Customized algorithm development for QSAR Data Analysis Independent software module development for computational chemistry tools Data Analysis Solutions

16 16 Structure Visualization - Screenshots

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