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Exchange Students Immigration Requirements Welcome!

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1 Exchange Students Immigration Requirements Welcome!

2 Immigration Documents Rules Travel Responsibility Work Planning Reporting

3 Immigration: Documents Passport – Your identity document

4 Immigration: Documents Visa: Your travel document needed for entry into U.S.

5 Immigration: Documents I-94 Card: Your proof of legal U.S. immigration status

6 Immigration: Documents Form DS-2019 (J-1 Students): Your proof of academic program and length of stay

7 Immigration: Rules Keep Immigration documents current at all times Passport Visa (important only if travel outside U.S. & want to return) I-94 – don’t lose DS-2019

8 Immigration: Travel Carry valid documents when you travel, even within U.S. Be aware of visa expiration dates Travel during grace period

9 Immigration: Responsibility You are responsible for maintaining & understanding your Immigration status in the U.S. D/S- Duration of status & 30 day grace period

10 Immigration: Work On-Campus employment up to 20 hours a week

11 Immigration: Planning With proper planning, immigration should not get in the way of your life.

12 Immigration: Reporting The Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS): Your official record with the government Government database Owned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Used to track who is studying what where Should be kept up to date

13 Immigration: Reporting What must CUA report on you? Your arrival at CUA Your enrollment Changes in address Changes in majors or courses of study Authorizations for reduced course loads Authorizations for work Failure to maintain status, including unauthorized employment

14 Academics: Enrollment Requirements Immigration requirements: Be continuously enrolled Carry a full “course” load

15 Your CGE Contacts Ms. Ella Sweigert, Director, CUAbroad Ms. Gudrun Kendon, Associate Director, ISSS –

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