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PDI Presenters Populations of International Students & Scholars at CSU.

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3 Populations of International Students & Scholars at CSU







10 Steps the application takes Student fills out the on-line application and forwards the additional materials to the Correct office. US Application – Department Int’l Application - Admissions Department makes recommendation and forwards to the Office of Admissions 2A – Admit App 2D – Deny App 1C- Withdraw App Admissions office signs the 2A, If it is a clear admit. If it is a low grade or International file, Admissions forwards the file to the Graduate School for final review Graduate School makes decision If US Application is Approved, the Graduate School signs 2A & forwards paperwork back to admissions If denied file is sent back to the department with the reason & department sends out 2D denial form If Int’l application is approved, the Graduate School signs 2A & forwards the paperwork to the International Programs office where the I-20 will be issued.

11 Student sends written application for admission to school School reviews for academic admissibility, and English ability written School admits student to a full course of study Financial Ability Reviewed by ISSS DSO creates SEVIS record and requests SEVIS I-20 No I-20 without foreign address and adequate funding DSO prints and signs Form I-20 and creates student packet for mailing Cannot Express Mail without a phone# Form I- 20 & GS 2A are sent to student (If out of the USA) Student pays the $200 SEVIS Fee & then uses Form I-20 to apply for an F-1 Visa OR (If in the USA) Student uses Form I-20 to apply for a Change of Status within the U.S OR “transfers” their F-1 status to CSU. (If in the USA) Student completes transfer upon check in at CSU (If out of the USA) Student is admitted to the USA in F-1 status at a Port of Entry and CSU is notified through SEVIS. Student has 30 days to check in at CSU If student fails to enroll at CSU, ISSS reports a “No Show” to SEVIS within 30 days of CSU’s census date. ISSS complies with various reporting requirements throughout a students stay in the USA.






17 I-20 Form

18 Student Visa





23 Student meets with a consular officer to discuss purpose for entering the U.S. (secondary screening). If study is approved, then a visa is granted – stamped in the student’s passport. Form I-20 and the international orientation packet (including the Globe Trotter) are sent by express mail to student. Student pays the $200 SEVIS fee and makes appointment with the U.S. Embassy in their home country and pays the visa application fee.

24  1 week: ISSS processing time to issue and mail an immigration document after proof of funding is complete  3-15 days: Estimated time for the express package to reach the student currently outside the US  4-8 weeks: Estimated time to schedule an interview and obtain a US visa. Time depends on area of study, country, gender… Some may be longer!  1-4 weeks: Estimated advanced time necessary to arrange a flight to the US within a reasonable price range AFTER obtaining the US visa.  Cannot arrive more than 30 days prior to start of program  Should “check in” at OIP as soon as possible after arrival

25  Security Clearances (name, nationality, field of research)  Lengthy wait times to obtain visa appointment  Insufficient documentation provided at time of interview Visa Denials  Failure to prove non- immigrant intent  Security Risk  Previous illegal stay in the U.S.  Health related issues  Criminal background




29 Full-Time Enrollment Requirement

30 On-Campus Employment

31 Off-Campus Employment ** Requires prior authorization from an international student advisor or USCIS ** Type of Off-Campus Employment  Curricular Practical Training (CPT)  Severe Economic Hardship  Optional Practical Training (OPT)


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