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Genetics htm.

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1 Genetics htm

2 What is heredity?  The passing of traits from parent to offspring.

3 Genes Genes on chromosomes control the traits that show up in an organism

4 Alleles  Alleles are the different forms of a trait that a gene may have  During meiosis a pair of chromosomes separate and the alleles move into separate cells.  Each chromosome now contains one gene for each trait


6 Genetics  The study of how traits are inherited

7 Who is Gregor Mendel?  The father of genetics  The first to use the mathematics of probability to explain heredity and to trace one trait for several generations

8 Hybrid  Receives different genetic information for a trait from each parent  Dominant allele: covers up or dominates the other trait  Recessive allele: the trait seems to disappear

9 Punnett Square  Probability helps you predict the chance that something will happen  You can use something called a punnett square to help you predict what an offspring will look like.

10 Punnett Square  Uppercase letters stand for dominant alleles  Lowercase letters stand for recessive alleles Parents’ genes

11 Genotype  Genotype is the GENETIC MAKEUP of an organism

12 HOMOZYGOUS  An organism with two alleles for one trait that are the SAME  Written TT or tt

13 HETEROZYGOUS  An organism with two alleles for one trait that are different  Written Tt

14 PHENOTYPE  The way an organism looks and behaves as a result of its genotype

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