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Title of Presentation Picture of the Country Flag Author’s names.

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1 Title of Presentation Picture of the Country Flag Author’s names

2 Basic Country Information Religion – GDP per capita – Life Expectancy – Infant Mortality Rate – Compulsory education – Literacy Rate -

3 Map of your country Political map with 3 major cities highlighted (make sure the capital is one of your cities) Which airports would people use?

4 The Major Cities List the 3 major cities and include their populations 1. 2. 3. Also, include the population density of your country (population divided by land area). How many people, per square mile, are in your country? Population Density =

5 Lodging List the name and a description of 1 hotel in each of your 3 major cities Include the price for 3 nights of lodging at each hotel Include a picture if possible 1. 2. 3.

6 Places of Interest Research well-known physical features, parks, museums or historical sights that your country has Include 2 sights with a description and picture 1. 2.

7 What You’ll Eat Include descriptions of 3 local meals that visitors would be eating Include pictures if possible 1. 2. 3.

8 Languages What is the language they speak in your country? Share how to say… – Hello = – Thank you = – My name is… = – Please =

9 Economy What is the name of your country’s money? How much of your money = $1? How is money made in your country (what jobs to people have in your country)?

10 Government What type of government does your country have? Who are the current leaders of your country?

11 Weather What is the summer forecast in your country? What is the winter forecast in your country? In the summer of 2012, what would you recommend spectators bring to wear?

12 Famous/Well Known People Include 2 or 3 famous people from your country Have a description of what they’re famous for and, if possible, a picture 1. 2. 3.

13 Why your $ will help our country Research and discuss the problems that your country faces which could be helped by the tourists dollars Some examples include…Poverty, Lack of health care, Lack of education, Disease

14 Convince us… Write a paragraph explaining WHY we should pick your country to host the 2012 Summer Olympics

15 Pictures


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