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The U.S. economy is currently in a recession. 1.True 2.False.

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1 The U.S. economy is currently in a recession. 1.True 2.False

2 The “great recession” started in December 2007 and ended in June 2009

3 The unemployment rate in the U.S. today is in the following range 1.6-7% 2.8-9% 3.10-11% 4.12% or above%

4 In 2011, the U.S. government had a budget deficit of approximately 1.$500 billion 2.$800 billion 3.$1,000 billion 4.$1,300 billion

5 Macroeconomic Issues 2007-2012

6 The Great Recession: GDP begins to drop Shaded area = recession

7 Employment falls

8 Unemployment Rises

9 The Stock Market Plummets

10 The Deficit Explodes

11 National Debt Grows

12 The beginnings of the great recession High risk (“sub-prime”) mortgages became more common over past decade – Low down-payments; – Poor credit histories Mortgage default rates rise in 2008 because – Housing prices fell – Adjustable rate mortgages “reset” – Worsening economic conditions Nearly 5 million homeowners lost their homes between 2008 & 2010

13 The Financial Crisis of 2008 Financial institutions experience significant losses due to defaults on mortgages. – Several failing financial institutions either acquired by others or go bankrupt. Federal Reserve and U.S. government extend aid to financial institutions – Fed lends money to banks – October 2008: Federal government establishes $700 billion TARP (troubled asset relief program) Stock market drops nearly 50% in 2008 Difficult for business to borrow Consumers cut back on spending

14 Government attempts to stimulate the economy Feb 2008: Economic Recovery Act – Approval of $168 billion stimulus package – Tax rebates to 130 million households $600 for single $1200 for married – “booster shot” for the U.S. economy

15 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in February 2009 – $288 b. in tax cuts and benefits Housing,, cash-for-clunkers, etc. – $224 b. for education, health care, and entitlement programs Health insurance for unemployed, extended unemployment benefits, etc. – $275 b. for federal contracts, grants and loans Support to states, roads, etc. Government attempts to stimulate the economy

16 On-going concerns Deficit reduction Raise taxes and/or cut spending Republicans vs. Democrats Slow growth in U.S. economy Unemployment has been stubborn Structural change Policies to improve growth in economy? Problems in housing market continue European Debt Crisis Debt as a % of GDP Greece: 152% Italy 121% U.S. 100%

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