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Pablo Picasso By: Erin Rosin.

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1 Pablo Picasso By: Erin Rosin

2 When and Where he was born
Pablo was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain

3 Parents Parents were Spanish and Italian
His father Don Jose Ruiz Blasco was an art teacher His mother’s name was Dona Maria Picasso Lopez Pablo was given the last name of his father Ruiz and then Picasso for his mother’s last name

4 Siblings Pablo had two other siblings – Dolores who was born in 1884 and Concepción who was born in 1887

5 Education At 15 Pablo took classes at the Royal Academy of Art in Barcelona He got bored with his studies soon after and became a independent artist.

6 Picasso had an art dealer named Pedro Manach who offered 150 francs per month in exchange for his pictures He also tired to make a living by selling his painting by himself In 1900 Picasso became a co-editor of the magazine Arte Joven Jobs

7 Paintings Picasso always drew what he was feeling. For instance in February of 1901 one of Picasso’s good friends committed suicide by shooting himself because of a girl. Picasso was very sad and therefore painted about death.

8 Relationships While going back to Paris in 1904 Picasso met someone by the name Fernande Olivier. She was a model. She soon became his mistress for the next several years. After about seven years he proposed to her, she said no to him because she was already married.

9 In 1911, Picasso was having some hard times with his relationships
In 1911, Picasso was having some hard times with his relationships. He met a new girl by the name of Eva Gouel. That didn’t last long though. While traveling to Rome in 1917,he spent at lot of time with the Diaghilev’s ballet company, where he met a dancer by the name of Olga Khokhlova. In 1918 the two got married. Relatio-nships Cont.

10 Relationships Cont. By 1927, Picasso had an affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter. A seventeen year old who was a nurse. When Olga found out she asked for a divorce. It was a very hard time for Picasso. In later years, he became close with others such as Sylvette David and Jacqueline Rogue.

11 Children In 1921 Olga gave birth to a baby boy named Paul.
While having the affair with Marie-Thérèse she became pregnant with a baby girl named Maya. In later years they also had two other children Claude and Paloma

12 Death At age 92 Pablo passed away on April 8, 1973 because of a heart attack. He is buried on his Chateau Vauvenargues in France.

13 After Death After Pablo died Dustin Hoffman asked Paul McCartney if he would write a song to acknowledge Pablo and what a great man he was. McCartney named the song "Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me)" and released it on his next album Band on the Run. There was a movie made in 1996 to learn more about Pablo and understand how Francoise Gilot felt while in his life. The movie is called Surviving Picasso . Pablo was played by Anthony Hopkins.

14 Known as the co-founder for cubism along with Georges Braque.
Famous because .. Known as the co-founder for cubism along with Georges Braque. Also because he is one of the most famous artists, lots of his work can be seen almost everywhere.

15 Picasso had a lot to face in his life
Picasso had a lot to face in his life. He made a new way to sculpt and never took the easy way out. He was faced with a lot of hard decisions in his life and he always seemed to want to be different then everyone else. Obstacles he faced

16 Significant because .. In 1907 Picasso painted Les Demoiselles d'Avigno. This painting is a picture a five naked people in strange positions, they are flat and it almost looks like they have African masks on them. Picasso calls it "first exorcism painting." He made this picture to help people understand the development of cubism for many years to come.

17 The world after him .. Many Museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Museum Berggruen and Museum of Modern Art just to name a few have many paintings by Picasso hanging up on display.

18 “” My mother said to me, "If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope." Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. - Pablo Picasso ‘The Old Guitarist'

19 Works Citied

20 Works Citied Cont.

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