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Vincent Van Gogh In honor of a dead artist; by Kennedy and Josh.

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1 Vincent Van Gogh In honor of a dead artist; by Kennedy and Josh

2 Van Gogh Biography Born March 30, 1853 Raised in Groot-Zundert, Holland Son of a Dutch Protestant minister Theodorus Van Gogh(1822-1885) and Anna Cornelia nee Carbentus(1819-1907) Studied theology At age 27 he shows commitment for art when deciding to live with his bother Theo

3 1881 Road with Willows and Man

4 1882 Old manMan with top hat

5 Van Gogh Biography 1885 Now living in Paris, France with his brother Theo; an art dealer and influence on Vincent Theo introduced many values of art towards Vincent encouraging him to create and learn from the great artists of the time

6 1885 Peasants planting potatoes Still life potatoes Portrait of woman with white bonnet

7 1886 Still life bowl with daisies

8 1887

9 1888 SunflowersThe old mill Saintes Maries The Harvest

10 1888 Joseph RoulinArmand Roulin Patience Escalier

11 Van Gogh Biography 1889 he moved to Arles, France to study under Paul Gauguin Conflict interfered as a battle of being precise versus abstract Mentally unstable and upset he sliced a portion of his ear then delivered it to a prostitute over the argument

12 1889

13 Starry Night

14 1889 Corridor St. Paul Asylum Self Portrait

15 Van Gogh Biography Realizing his instability he admits himself to Saint-Paul-de-Mausole; an asylum in Saint-Remy continuing his work supervised Most of his well known work came from this period Mostly encouraged by a Psychologist, Dr. Gachet, to continue his work and creating his most popular works we all enjoy

16 1890


18 Van Gogh Biography Van Gogh suffered heavy depression and in July of 1890 he shot himself Other signs of heavy sunstroke, lead poisoning from his paint, bipolar disorder, and temporal lobe epilepsy may have contributed towards his death and work of art

19 Van Gogh Biography Hypergraphia is a known side effect to those who have mania and epilepsy indicating why Vincent Van Gogh may have written so many letters in his time His letters are remembered for others to envision him for his passion on art explaining deepest feelings to create

20 “You must not take it amiss, if I write you again it’s only to tell you that painting is such a joy to me.” Your loving brother, Vincent (Van Gogh)

21 Sources LIVING WITH ART Timelineofarthistory. com

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