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Van Gogh Mrs. Durnil With self- portrait of Van Gogh.

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4 Van Gogh

5 Mrs. Durnil With self- portrait of Van Gogh.

6 Van Gogh Van Gogh was a Dutch Artist. He was born in Holland. He had one brother name Theo. They were very close. Van Gogh was an impressionist artist. Van Gogh was mentally ill. His paintings sell at auction for more money than any other artist. Van Gogh was lonely, depressed and sick. He poured all of himself and his emotions into his paintings. His artwork is known for the bright colors and the swirling brushstrokes. 1853-1890

7 Theo

8 Starry Night was his most famous painting.

9 Starry Night Over the Rhone

10 He loved to paint

11 Red Vineyards of Arles. 1888 his only painting to sell during his lifetime

12 Van Gogh painted his chair and the chair of his only friend and fellow artist, Paul Gaughin. Van Gogh’s ChairGaughin’s Chair

13 Vincent Van Gogh

14 Cool Version of Van Gogh’s Bedroom Picture.


16 Van Gogh got into a fight with his only friend, artist Paul Gaughin, and he felt so bad that he cut off the lower part of his ear lobe. He painted a self- portrait with his ear bandaged after this happened.

17 Self- Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe

18 Portrait of Dr. Gachet $82.5 Million Most expensive painting ever sold (until last year when 3 paintings sold for $140-$135 million)

19 Irises What do you think the only white iris symbolizes? $53.9 Million Dollars

20 After painting this picture, he took his own life by shooting himself. This was to be the last painting that he created. Crows Over a Wheat Field

21 Cypress Trees


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