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The Reproductive System

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1 The Reproductive System
Make gametes – egg & sperm Deliver sperm Place for gametes to meet - fertilization Place for the embryo/fetus to grow Way to get out – delivery Way to feed the newborn


3 Pelvic diaphragm Levator ani coccygeus piriformis

4 episiotomy

5 Pelvic diaphragm Testes, scrotum, penis Ductus (vas) deferens Urethra (prostatic, membranous, spongy) Parietal peritoneum Bladder, rectum Prostate gland

6 Tunica vaginalis (parietal & visceral layers)
Spermatic cord ductus deferens blood vessels Pampiniform plexus nerves Ductus deferens epididymis Rete testes Efferent ductule Semitubes – spermatogenesis – ahead one slide – then back Tunica vaginalis (parietal & visceral layers) Seminiferous tubules (spermatogenesis) Tunica albuginea Pathway of sperm

7 Interstitial (Leydig) cell
hypothalamus Pituitary gland FSH & LH Test. Interstitial (Leydig) cell Secrete testosterone Sustentacular (Sertoli) cell: bind testosterone Blood – testes barrier

8 Layers of scrotum 3 ways to keep sperm at right temperature
Superficial Inguinal ring External spermatic fascia (internal spermatic fascia) Cremaster muscle Pampiniform plexus Tunica vaginalis Testes Covered with TA Median septum of scrotum Dartos muscle 3 ways to keep sperm at right temperature

9 Removed skin and fat (scrotum)
Inguinal canal

10 Spermatic cord covered with spermatic fascia (external, cremaster mm, internal)
Testes covered with tunica albuginea (tunica vaginalis removed)



13 Sperm Facts It takes 74 days for sperm to mature
Young men make 300,000 sperm/minute or 400 million/day Avg. sperm count million sperm/mL Lower than million/mL = infertility Sperm count has dropped over last 60 years avg. 113 million/mL in 1940 avg. 66 million/mL today semen volume has decreased as well

14 Testicular cancer cancer of the testes most common in males age 15-35 abnormal mass in testes good survival rate if found early Lance Armstrong 1996 – diagnosed with testicular cancer metastasized to lungs & brain 1997 – clean bill of health 1999 – won 1st Tour de France

15 vasectomy

16 60% of semen fructose, fibrinogen & PG’s Seminal vesicle Prostate gland 30% of semen base, clotting enzymes & fibrinolysin Bulbourethral gland base & lubricant Dorsal view

17 Internal urethral sphincter
Prostatic utricle Ejc. ducts Spongy urethra Bulbourethral glands Prostatic urethra Membranous urethra Pelvic diaphragm External urethral sphincter

18 Dorsal vein Dorsal artery & nerve Corpus spongiosum C.C C.S Corpus cavernosum prepuce glans Urethral orifice circumcision


20 Parasympathetic NS: vasodilation
Sympathetic NS: peristalsis, sphincter closure & muscle contraction (200 inches/sec)

21 Parasympathetic nerves
Nitric oxide cGMP Dilate vessels + - Viagra Alcohol Drugs Antidepressants Appetite suppressors Vascular problems Diabetes Stress

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