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20.5.2005. Students at Oulu Polytechnic * Open Polytechnic students and incoming exchange students.

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1 20.5.2005

2 Students at Oulu Polytechnic * Open Polytechnic students and incoming exchange students

3 20.5.2005 Degree Programme in Communication Bachelor of Cultural Studies Degree title: Media Artist Scope of degree: 240 ECTS credits (160 Finnish credits) Duration of studies: 4 years Options: Option of Journalism Option of Visual Communication Option of Media Production

4 20.5.2005 Degree Programme in Communication The degree programme of communication, which started in the autumn of 2000, educates communication professionals for expert duties and content production in both traditional and new media. Communication is one of the most important growth areas in the society of the future. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the education has aroused great interest from the very beginning. In the joint national application of 2003 880 people applied for admittance, when the intake was only 48. In 2004 the intake of students is also 48. The number of students in the degree programme will be in the academic year 2004-2005 approximately 250.

5 20.5.2005 Degree Programme in Communication The studies leading to the degree of Media Artist emphasise creativity, interaction, cooperation, learning by doing and entrepreneurship. The objective is to educate professionals whose communication skills are supplemented with an understanding of man, society and how the developing information technology can be utilized in communication. The education is implemented and developed in close co-operation with the working life.

6 20.5.2005 Options The Degree Programme in Communication educates professionals for content production in cross media and new media. The 60 ECTS credits (40 Finnish credits) of basic studies build a solid foundation in information technology and communication, after which the 120 ECTS credits (80 Finnish credits) of professional studies emphasise three areas of expertise: journalism, visual communication and media production. The option includes 30 ECTS credits (20 Finnish credits) of practical training. It is possible to take part of the studies as an exchange student in our international partner institutions.

7 20.5.2005 Structure of Studies Further education Professional Specialisation Studies 30–60 ECTS cr Polytechnic undergraduate degree 3.5–4.5 years 210–270 ECTS cr Bachelor’s thesis 15 ECTS cr Practical training 30–120 ECTS cr. Free-choice studies 15 ECTS cr Second cycle degree After three years work experience 60–90 ECTS cr Professional studies (compulsory / optional) Basic studies (compulsory / optional) 135–240 ECTS cr

8 20.5.2005 The Option of Journalism The Option of Journalism qualifies graduates for work as journalists or content producers in traditional media, online media such as the Internet and digital television, and different media combinations. The degree combines the possibilities of new digital and interactive technology with the tradition of communication and media. Among the topics included in the option are for example online publishing and online writing, news work, magazine, radio and television work, version management, media criticism and advanced special studies in the media of the student's choice.

9 20.5.2005 The Option of Visual Communication The Option of Visual Communication combines the latest technology and artistic aspects of visual communication. The objective is to educate visual communication professionals, who work in different capacities in graphic design and design of media products and are aware of the integration of digital and print communication. A visual communicator must also be able to produce original photographs independently. Among the topics included in the option are for example graphic design, typography, digital image processing, visual journalism, animation and three-dimensional modelling, user interface design and video expression.

10 20.5.2005 Option of Media Production. Option of Media Production. A media producer possesses diversified professional skills. He is familiar with all aspects of media production and is capable of working as a responsible leader of media productions. Graduates master the full scope of content production: creation of ideas, development of manuscripts, different production processes and associated technical standards, copyright management, production costs and financing/earnings logic, different distribution channels/publication platforms, choice of target audience and markets, and archival of finished products. After basic studies students function as producers, production or project leaders or in other suitable capacities in media productions (television programmes, magazines, online media etc.), which are produced in cooperation with other options in the degree programme or by extra- institutional parties. Media producers find employment for example in independent production companies and public service media or as project leaders for made-to-order productions.

11 20.5.2005 Collaboration with local companies -Visiting lecturers (case studies & full courses) -Practical Training 30 ects -Workshop / Project studies 12 ects -Bachelor´s Thesis 15 ects -Mediaforum, POEM -Projects: Financing (Mobiart, Mobient) Education/Training (Mobiuz) Developement/Facility service (Form-Up)

12 20.5.2005 Mobiart The goal of the Mobiart project is to create a community comprising the content and media sectors and technology companies, which develops digital content products and services that utilise mobility for the international market. The Mobiart project gathers small and large companies and research know-how into one project. The network is open to all actors. The project develops enterprise-led content product projects that aim toward multimedia applications in a multi-channel environment. The same service may be accessible, for example, through the Internet, by mobile phone or via digi-TV.

13 20.5.2005 Mobiart pilot cases o Case Närästys: mobile healthservice o Culture Coach: mobile e-learning o Digital Music Society: digital production network o Football Manager: mobile/web game o Many Happy Returns: audiovisual message-service o MOBTE: MMS- ja videogreetings o Oulu-kuvaesitys: mobile slideshow o Wireless Airguitar: multichannel concept

14 20.5.2005 Mobient cases Financing (50%) between 5 000 - 30 000 euro. Eprograms Tmi MobileCalories Nextpark Outo Media Oy Professional Audio Company Finland Oy

15 20.5.2005 Contact Tuukka Uusitalo Oulu Polytechnic School of Music, Dance and Media Head of Department Tel. +358 8 312 6084

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