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04/09 The Company Overview Is U.S. Wealth Management right for you?

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1 04/09 The Company Overview Is U.S. Wealth Management right for you?

2 04/09 Table of Contents Mission and Goal Firm Profile Firm Structure What makes U.S. Wealth Management different? Benefits to the Advisor Conclusions and Next Steps

3 04/09 Mission and Goal Our Vision: The vision for U.S. Wealth Management is to be a small giant, committed to being great instead of being large, and consequently a cohesive culture for successful independent advisors. Our advisors will work with the best coaches in the industry, be passionate about wealth management and open to new ideas to build the value of their practices. Our Mission: Our Mission is to turn the commoditized business of financial planning into a community of successful advisors where they receive the same personalized attention that they deliver to their clients, have easy access to firm leaders, complete flexibility to do what is right for their clients and an ownership stake in the firm. We define our success by assisting our advisors achieve their business and life plans. Our Goal: Our Goal is to provide unparalleled support and guidance to you, our advisors, ensure you remain compliant, and foster open communications with the express intent of helping you build your brand and grow your business.

4 04/09 Firm Profile We are an Independent Financial Services Firm established in 1997 We offer an open Architecture Strategic Platform that allows you to offer: Financial, Tax and Estate Planning Investment and Risk Management Broker-Dealer Services through Lincoln Financial Securities Retirement Plans – Fee Based & Traditional Life, LTC and Disability Complete Turnkey Support: RIA, B/D, Insurance, Compliance & Reporting Personalized Business Coaching Paragon Advisor™ MentorCoaching Program 2 Advisor Summits per year (educational & entertaining)

5 04/09 Affiliated Companies Firm Structure Custodians: Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Schwab & Pershing Clearing Firms: National Financial U.S. Financial Advisors RIA Lincoln Financial Securities BD U.S. Insurance Brokerage INS Comprehensive Insurance Affiliations

6 04/09 What makes U.S. Wealth Management different? ‘Wealth Management’ is not only our name, it’s a core belief We have a passion for ‘Holistic Financial Planning’ We teach the value of executing the entire wealth strategy while incorporating all financial aspects into the plan We take a pro-active, comprehensive, long-term planning approach We have a commitment to ‘Client Service’ Be the dedicated Fiduciary for your client Act in the “best” interest of your client -Pick the best products available based on the client’s need -Disclose in a complete, full and accurate manner

7 04/09 What makes U.S. Wealth Management different? The 4Cs: Distinct differences that present USWM as a unique option Choice – determine what strategies, products and services are best for your clients with no constraints; have a voice in the development of your business; retain ownership of your clients and business Culture – open and receptive; a proactive partner in building and supporting your business; a belief in a holistic approach Coaching – personalized, one-to-one coaching focused on developing your ideal business and life; your accountability partner Commitment – to develop your business; keeping you focused, accountable, motivated and inspired

8 04/09 Choice You make the decisions for your business Have control over the decisions that effect you and your business Structure your business with fees, commissions, or a combination of both Retain ownership of your clients and business Select the best products for your client’s needs from the universe of quality offerings Provide unbiased, professional advice to your clients

9 04/09 The Company Culture The intent is: Collaboration and collegiality - working together to achieve your goals To foster an open dialogue in support of achieving your goals To be proactive and supportive to your needs with respect to compliance and operations To remain open and receptive to: New ideas New products Alternative investment opportunities or strategies New technologies

10 04/09 The Advisor Culture The intent is: To share the passion for proactive, long-term, holistic planning To accept and wear the “Fiduciary Hat” for your clients To understand the value of and actively participate in a recognized coaching program To leverage the Elite Advisor Network to your advantage To cultivate the company’s culture by identifying and referring advisors that share the same beliefs and want to be part of a cooperative culture

11 04/09 “Personalized” Coaching Our program was developed to educate advisors on how to build a successful business through a series of proven programs The Paragon Advisor™ MentorCoaching Program blends and enhances the best practices of today’s leading coaching programs including: oThe PEAK™ Program – “Tested in the Trenches” oThe Strategic Coach® – Entrepreneurial Prowess oPeter Montoya, Inc© – Develops and markets your unique brand oKinder Institute for Life Planning – Defining a life worth living Where The Paragon Advisor™ MentorCoaching Program differs  In the tactics & execution: √Building the business – focus on the business AND the advisor √Branding the business – build the brand in your target market √Balance in life – optimum blend of time, money and fun.

12 04/09 A “Two-Way” Commitment From U.S. Wealth Management To support the advisor’s business utilizing industry best practices To hold the advisor accountable to execute their defined goals To help the advisor build a business in their local communities To help advisors stay focused, accountable, motivated and inspired From the Advisor To participate in the practice management and coaching programs To maintain an open mind and learn from others To execute the defined programs to achieve their ultimate life, fueled by an ideal business To read the weekly NewsFlash and follow through where needed To hold USWM accountable to fulfill their end of the agreement To use best efforts to attend and participate in all U.S. Wealth Summits

13 04/09 Benefits to the Advisor When you partner with U.S. Wealth Management, you will: Build value in your independent business Have a financial service partner that will take an active role in helping you grow your brand and business –Developing your growth Have access to proven industry leaders and be coached by the best Have access to a robust offering of products and services within any/all divisions so you may advise your clients Have the support required to minimize your costs and maximize your profits

14 04/09 Conclusions and Next Steps Does your practice yield the results you want? U.S. Wealth Management is committed to your success and helps you get “results” through our proven program Do you want your financial service partner to keep you accountable and inspired? We want you to succeed and will help you achieve your goals We work with you to put the processes in place to be successful Is it time for a change? To get more detailed information about U.S. Wealth Management LLC, or The Paragon Advisor™ MentorCoaching Program, contact Dan O’Neil at 781-849-9200 X 244 or visit our web site at:

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