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French Research Group CASSINI / SIGMA Presentation January 2001.

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1 French Research Group CASSINI / SIGMA Presentation January 2001

2 GDR S.I.G.M.A. / Cassini S.I.G.M.A. = Geographic Information Systems, Methodologies and Applications Department of Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication of the French National Center for Research (CNRS) Head: Robert Laurini Deputy Head: Pierre Dumolard

3 Composition 17 labs in Computing 22 labs in Geography 3 other labs 8 other public research institutions

4 Map of member labs

5 Research Topics Theme 1: Management of Environment Theme 2: Spatial Analysis Theme 3: Quality Theme 4: Interaction Theme 5: GIS and Mobility Theme 6: Satellite and aerial imagery

6 Theme 1: Management of Environment Mireille BATTON-HUBERT et François CUQ Natural and Technological risks Pollution Spatial decision support systems

7 Theme 2 : Spatial Analysis Léna SANDERS, Didier JOSSELIN Management of flows and networks Location Connecting models Spatial data mining

8 Theme 3 : Quality Thérèse LIBOUREL et Serge MOTET Cataloguing Metadata Standardization Reliability of measures Enriching and automatic corrections Updating, fusion, exchange

9 Theme 4 : Interaction Marie-Christine FAUVET, Michel MAINGUENAUD, Sylvie LARDON Visualising and multimodal interfaces Cooperative decision Participative GIS

10 Theme 5 : GIS and mobility Philippe RIGAUX et Sylvie SERVIGNE Architecture of embarked systems Mobile Objects and queries

11 Theme 6 : Satellite and aerial imagery Guy FLOUZAT, Christiane WEBER, Michel DESHAYES Object detection and attribute extraction Multiresolution analysis Spatial dynamics of areas

12 Research National Network on GeoData SIGMA CASSINI Cassini Galaxy International Conferences AGILE ACM GIS GeoSciences etc. International Reviews IJGIS CEUS GeoInformatica etc. Internationale Revue de Géomatique and French GIS encyclopaedia

13 Revue Internationale de Géomatique French speaking journal on GIS Editor: Jean-Paul Cheylan - CIRAD, Montpellier Associate editors: Christophe Claramunt - Nottingham Trent University, UK, and Sylvie Lardon - INRA SAD-LECSA, Montpellier

14 CASSINI Conferences Previous conferences –1 st Conf. Lyon October 13-14, 1994 –2 nd Conf. Marseille November 15-17, 1995 –3 rd Conf. Marne La Vallée November 25-27, 1998 –4 th Conf. La Rochelle September 7-8, 2000 5 th Conf. Montpellier September 26-28, 2001 Planning –6 th Conf. Besançon –7 th Conf. Brest

15 French Research Group CASSINI / SIGMA

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