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Unity and Coherence Comm Arts I Mr. Wreford.

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1 Unity and Coherence Comm Arts I Mr. Wreford

2 Unity and Coherence Unity: Sticking to the Point
Every topic sentence offers a promise of unity to the reader. Stick to the topic. Stick to the specific point you make about that topic. Exercise 1 on page 60.

3 Unity and Coherence The Summary Sentence To reinforce unity.
Ends the paragraph. Echoes the topic sentence. Tells where the paragraph has been. Signals the end of the paragraph. Provides a sense of closure.

4 Unity and Coherence Analyzing Paragraph Unity Exercise 3 on page 63.

5 Unity and Coherence Coherence: Holding the Paragraph Together
Without coherence, a pile of loose bricks. Coherence is the mortar. Provides solid and strong connections between ideas. Make sure ideas are logically related.

6 Unity and Coherence Coherence Tools Transitional Expressions
Repetition Turn to page 66.

7 Unity and Coherence Using Transitions Effectively
Moderation is the key. Less is more. For variety, somewhere other than beginning of sentence. Examples without “for example.” When used, not always at the beginning. Exercise 7 on page 69.

8 Unity and Coherence Repetition Repetition of key words and phrases.
Repetition through pronouns. Exercise 10 on page 73.

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