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French Automatic Weather Station

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1 French Automatic Weather Station
Jean-Baptiste Cohuet, Météo France 8th VOS TAG, Genova, Italy 30-31 March 2011

2 Synopsis French Automatic Weather Stations Evolutions in Batos AWS
Plans for the future

3 1. French Automatic Weather Stations
BATOS : Parameters : Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Sea surface temperature, Manned observations (visibility, clouds,waves…), Salinity (only on 1 VOS) Inmarsat Transmission 58 VOS MINOS : Parameters : Pressure, Temperature Argos Transmission 7 VOS

4 1. French Automatic Weather Stations
French Batos fleet : 58 Batos Le Havre: 8 Batos Oversea 4 Batos : French Polynesia 3 Batos : Reunion Island 1 Batos : New Caledonia Caen : 5 Batos Brest : 16 Batos Nantes : 2 Batos Bordeaux : 2 Batos Aix : 17 Batos

5 1. French Automatic Weather Stations
Coordination of the maintenance of E-Surfmar Batos Fleet (10 VOS) Irena Arctica Mary Arctica Nuka Arctica (2010) Naja Arctica (2010) Toronto Express Montreal Express Celtic Explorer Celtic Voyager (2011) + 3 ship to find, Installations planned in 2011, 2012 Mississauga Express RV Urania (2011)

6 2. French AWS Recent Evolution on Batos AWS:
Wind sensor : Tests in an air tunnel GILL WMT CV3F YOUNG Humidity sensor Rotronic S3CO Vaisala HMP110 (10 VOS equiped) (in test)

7 2. French AWS Recent Evolution on Batos AWS: Salinity :
SolOceans Project Sport & Science Iridium transmission Developed with Batos 4.3 Some problems with 9601-DG modem

8 2. French AWS Recent Evolution on Batos Software: Corrections
Problem on barometer height Problem on IMMT3 files Observation statement sending Improvements Password Help file Iridium Configuration Graphic Display

9 3. Plans for the future On BATOS AWS
No new installation of Batos AWS for Météo France network, only for E-Surfmar Substitute CV3F and Young wind sensors by WMT52 Finish Iridium development using 9602-LP modem. It will allow to use the new format to encode more complete BUFR. A new AWS for Météo France : PACOME A general architecture (land stations, isolated places, airports, ships, buoys…) with specificities for the ships. Météo France is in a tendering procedure Available for tests in 2013

10 Thank you for your attention

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