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Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

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1 Stennis Space Center, Mississippi
U.S. PORT METEORLOGICAL OFICERS MEETING Stennis Space Center, Mississippi Sarah North – August 2014 © Crown copyright Met Office

2 E-SURFMAR VOS Activities
Scope of presentation What is E-SURFMAR and how does it work How well are we performing and how good is our VOS data Which operational tools do we use to maintain our VOS fleets What are our plans for automation What’s in the pipeline How can we work together in the future

3 EUMETNET is a grouping of 31 European National Meteorological Services
EUMETNET's mission statement is: "To help its Members to develop and share their individual and joint capabilities through cooperation programmes that enable enhanced networking, interoperability, optimisation and integration within Europe; and also to enable collective representation with European bodies in order that these capabilities can be exploited effectively."

4 E-SURFMAR (Surface Marine Observation Programme)
E-SURFMAR is an “optional” EUMETNET programme Its main objectives are to coordinate, optimise and progressively integrate European activities for surface observations over the sea in support of Numerical Weather Predictions. The current Programme Manager is Pierre Blouch from Météo-France.

5 E-SURFMAR Components Shipborne AWS (National and EUCOS fleets)
Conventional VOS (National fleets) Moored buoys (National networks) Drifting buoys (EUCOS network)

6 E-SURFMAR Membership 1. RMI (Belgium) 11. MeteoLux (Luxembourg)
2. DHMZ (Croatia) 12. KNMI (Netherlands) 3. DMI (Denmark) 13. (Norway) 4. FMI (Finland) 14. IMPA (Portugal) 5. Meteo France (France) 15. RHMMS (Serbia) 6. DWD (Germany) 16. AEMet (Spain) 7. HNMS (Greece) 17. SMHI (Sweden) 8. IMO (Iceland) 18. MeteoSwiss (Switzerland) 9. Met Eireann (Ireland) 19. UKMO (United Kingdom) 10. USAM (Italy)

7 Observations Programme
Operational Service E-AMDAR Operational Service Management E-AMDAR E-AMDAR Expert Team Operational Service E-ASAP Operational Service Management E-ASAP E-ASAP Expert Team Operational Service E-SURFMAR Operational Service Management E-SURFMAR E-SURFMAR Expert Team Operational Service E-PROFILE Operational Service Management E-PROFILE E-PROFILE Expert Team Operational Service E-GVAP Operational Service Management E-GVAP E-GVAP Expert Team Project OPERA Project Management OPERA OPERA Expert Team Observations Programme Management Observations Scientific Expert Team (Obs-SET) Observations Programme Advisory Group (OPAG)

8 E-SURFMAR Requirements
Implement an optimum overall surface marine network design, and to regularly revise it according to data user's requirements. The first design study (2004) led to an operational network of about 100 drifting buoys measuring air pressure and sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic Financial and technical support for the operation of 4 moored buoys as a baseline for the calibration and the validation of satellite-derived wind and wave observations. Support for VOS activities in order to better coordinate and harmonise practices. This support includes compensation observations and communications. Operation of Shipborne Automated Weather Stations (S-AWS) in support of the network design and, in parallel, the automation of the observation aboard ships through the development of such stations.

9 E-SURFMAR Tasks Ordering/Delivery/Deployment of drifting buoys
Managing participating members compensations Evaluate and implement cost effective communication systems for S-AWS, VOS and buoys. Install/operate S-AWS aboard E-ASAP ships. Facilitate technical information exchange Tendering for EUCAWS with common specifications. Monitoring the availability, timeliness and quality of the data and resolving problems. Working closely with JCOMM Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) and Ship Observations Team (SOT).

10 E-SURFMAR Data ( within Eumetnet area )
Conventional VOS S-AWS Drifting buoys Moored buoys

11 E-SURFMAR Data Eumetnet Non-Eumetnet

12 VOS and S-AWS Targets & Performance (2014-Q1)
Difficult to reach this target Still too high despite efforts (QC feedbacks) To be reached in 2017 Decreasing performance ? Needs investigation

13 E-SURFMAR Conventional VOS
Target for : 250 obs/day Operated by E-SURFMAR participants (national fleets)

14 E-SURFMAR Shipborne AWS
Target for :1,600 obs./day (Excluding 400 obs./day provided by E-SURFMAR S-AWS ) graph includes S-AWS operated by participants (national fleets) and by the programme (E-SURFMAR fleet)

15 E-SURFMAR Drifting Buoys
Number of operating buoys close to the target of 100 The problem of short lifetimes has been fixed at Metocean Lifetime problems Average number of observations received every day from the drifting buoys Thanks to Iridium, more than 90% of the observations are now distributed onto the GTS within 50 minutes after the obs. time

16 E-SURFMAR – national fleet observations
Germany France United Kingdom The Nertherlands

17 Data Quality – Pressure RMS
Manned VOS S-AWS ? Present target: 1.0 hPa Requested: 0.8 hPa Observations carried out by EUMETNET ships inside the EUMETNET area

18 E-SURFMAR Data Timeliness - HH+50’
Manned VOS S-AWS Target: 90% Observations carried out by EUMETNET ships inside the EUMETNET area Requested target (Obs-SET): having more than nn% of observations available onto the GTS within 15 minutes after the observation time. Unrealistic for manned VOS, to be considered for S-AWS

19 E-SURFMAR - Data Quality Tools
Automatically generated QC reports

20 E-SURFMAR - Metadata
An online database was developed within E-SURFMAR to manage VOS metadata (WMO Pub47 format). It contains almost all VOS metadata available in the world (permanently updated) and links to monitoring and performance assessments

21 E-SURFMAR – Metadata Database – recent/planned developments
Inspection reports Ability to directly fill up the inspection reports online added. (report is prepared with metadata available in the database already filled in) . Done for VOSP001 at present only for the moment. ZZ fleet (Ancillary VOS) Authorized users can create VOS records under ZZ country. Inclusion of Offshore Platforms Rigs and platforms can now also be added using vsslM=90 (manned) or 95 (AWS) AIS Locations : link configurable and available for each VOS Link to position and tracks when MMSI number added Monitoring reports by Ability to automatically send monitoring reports by A facility to request a report by is also being developed e.g. By mailing and specifying the call sign in the subject line [e.g. [obs report] : Call_Sign] you may automatically receive an Observations Monitoring Report for a given SHIP : J.Pierre KERSERHO, E-SURFMAR METEO-FRANCE

22 E-SURFMAR – Metadata Database – recent/planned developments
Observations Trajectory From the results of a query in the database, click on the 'Google maps' icon and consult in google map the trajectory of the Ship over the last 15 days of Observations received. Application will ask for login and password. Window will close automatically with the mouse position Access Observation Counters and Last Positions Map Possibility to count observation counters for listed VOS or to display the map their latest positions. E.g. if the contact form is filled up with company names, the user may do a query for a given company. The observation counters will provide the numbers of observations for this company and the last positions for its VOS. More exported files from ESURFMAR VOS DATABASE Daily export of VOSClim metadata available at J.Pierre KERSERHO, E-SURFMAR METEO-FRANCE

23 Dirkzwager AIS

24 E-SURFMAR – TurboWin electronic logbooks

25 E-SURFMAR – TurboWin electronic logbooks
TurboWin 5.5 (November 2014) Selected wind speed visualization Update of applied checks Volcanic Ash reporting form TurboWeb/TurboWin+ TurboWeb is primarily meant for ships with an internet connection Can also be used as a standalone program Will interface to sensor data from the EUCAWS ( but also allow manned visual elements to be added) Can link to Vaisala 220/330 barometers to provide barograph chart insert manually observed data

26 Growth in use of electronic logbooks

27 E-SURFMAR Automation – Current Ship AWS
Country Stations according to Pub47 metadata Onto GTS in April 14 Remark France 56 Batos 4 Minos 2 OceanoScientific 50 2 2 BATFRnn & FVNM MINFRnn OSCFRnn Germany 17 Milos ship’s own systems 17 2 … DBBH and DBLK Norway 5 developed by 5 Research Vessels Spain 1 Maws 410 Esperanza del Mar E-Surfmar 11 BaTos 18 BaRos 11 16 BATEUnn BAREUnn Sweden 4 ? 4 SBPQ, SDIA, SKEC, SMLQ, United Kingdom 36 Amos 1 BaTos 3 Minos 29 1 3 AMOUKnn BATUK01 MINUKnn Total 159 stations 142 (136 in March 2013)


29 E-SURFMAR - BaTos AWS Fleet
Station Ship’s name GTS since ASAP Installed by Remarks BATEU00 Mary Arctica 2006/02/07 Yes DMI In operation BATEU01 Toronto Express 2006/05/12 No Met Office BATEU02 Celtic Explorer 2006/06/19 Met Eireann BATEU03 Celtic Voyager 2011/01/22 BATEU04 Nuka Arctica 2011/01/07 BATEU05 Irena Arctica 2007/02/08 BATEU06 Montreal Express 2007/08/02 BATEU07 Mississauga Express 2009/12/09 Meteo-France BATEU08 Naja Arctica 2010/12/17 BATEU09 Urania 2011/03/24 BATEU10 Cap Finistère 2013/10/08 BATEU11 Spare BATEU12 P, T, U, V + SST (optional) and visual observations Status on May 16th, 2014

30 E-SURFMAR - BaRos S-AWS Fleet
Station Ship’s name GTS since ASAP Installed by Remarks Cyprus moored buoy 2013/07/23 No UCY (Cyprus) In operation BAREU00 Atlantic Compass 2008/03/27 Yes DWD BAREU04 Atlantic Companion 2008/12/12 BAREU08 Liverpool Express 2009/04/03 BAREU11 Dublin Express 2010/02/03 BAREU12 Atlantic Conveyor 2011/11/03 BAREU13 Ottawa Express BAREU14 Atlantic Cartier 2013/12/09 BAREU51 La Superba 2010/12/20 ENEA (Italy) BAREU58 Thomson Majesty 2011/02/21 MOA (Cyprus) BAREU60 Dubrovnik 2011/03/18 DHZ (Croatia) BAREU62 Daniel A 2011/09/26 BAREU65 Aegean Dignity 2012/04/02 HNMS BAREU66 Excellent 2013/06/04 BAREU67 Hilde A 2013/07/04 BAREU70 Marguerite A 2013/02/03 BAREU71 Sete Citades 2013/05/08 Meteo-France BAREU72 Natalia A BAREU74 Ayse A 2014/05/03 Sea Level Pressure only Status on May 13th, 2014

31 E-SURFMAR BaRos S-AWS 7 installed on E-ASAP containers
10 on ships plying in the Mediterranean Sea One on a Cyprus moored buoy in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea 4 are BaRos+ systems (Meteo-France upgrades) – one with Vaisala WXT520, 2 with Gill MetPak-II The most recent on a ferry plying between Portugal and Azores reports wind data.

32 E-SURFMAR EUCAWS development
European Common Automatic Weather Station A common AWS for European countries: Automation of European Fleet Standardisation of systems – easier maintenance Higher quantities, lower prices Adaptable to many sensor types Countries planning to participate – Germany (200),Netherlands (50) France (40), Ireland (5), Sweden (5) 32

33 EUCAWS - Functionality

34 Data Acquisition & Transmission
EUCAWS will be able to acquire: Pressure Temperature Humidity Wind SST Heading (compass) Navigational data (GPS) Connection with TurboWin to add visual observations Designed to be adaptable to a variety of sensors and multisensors Iridium Transmission - Port mode, Area mode, Trigger mode E-SURFMAR data format #100 Only one processing centre to decode encode FM13 or BUFR messages

35 EUCAWS - Design Rack containing : CU board Power board Analog board
Digital board Iridium board GPS board Power supply unit NMEA output Barometer Sensor connections I/O Protection Size : 46 x 55 x 26 cm Weight : 16 kg

36 EUCAWS - Site Acceptance Test
On ship Armorique (Roscoff-Plymouth) 3 systems to be prototype tested Factory Acceptance Test Site Acceptance Test Acceptance period lasts until June 2015 36

37 AMOS - Autonomous Marine Observing System
Easy to install ( ~2 hours) Two systems depending on ship requirements – 24 V (<2 Amp peak draw ) or solar cells Basic parameters temp, pressure, humidity only ( but expandable) Uses Vaisala 330 Barometer or Druck Barometer Rotronic Hydroclip temperature/humidity sensor Based on the proven CR1000 data logger Iridium Communications B Transceiver module with GPS antenna Hourly observations – on GTS Simple legal document signed by Captain or shipowner © Crown copyright Met Office

38 Recent AMOS locations (May 2014)
© Crown copyright Met Office

39 AMOS Data Quality – RMS Pressure
© Crown copyright Met Office

40 International Growth in Automation

41 Other Issues being considered by E-SURFMAR
Uniform Recruitment and Inspection reports for VOS & AWS Future E-PMO Workshops Contingency planning and backup (avoiding single points of expertise) National and E-SURFMAR links with major shipping companies Recruitment to the VOS Ancillary Pilot Project & future use of WOW Harmonization of meteorological instruments & Replacement of mercury Future use of the Marine Observer’s Log – Wikilog Differences in real time and delayed mode data Third party data sources   

42 Other Issues being considered by E-SURFMAR
Need for data blocking procedures Future of SAC Code 41 Rollout of the half compression SACs and for manual VOS Code formats for TurboWin Migration to BUFR - Status of the VOS template Ship Security - Call sign masking & encryption E-SURFMAR data format for sending VOS and S-AWS observations ashore Weather messages over AIS International participation – IMO, WMO, JCOMM © Crown copyright Met Office

43 E-SURFMAR– Memoranda of Understanding
MoU – Inspection of manually reporting and automated VOS by PMOs or technicians from other E-SURFMAR National Meteorological Services MoU’s between Meteo France and other members for data collection and processing MoU with NOAA – Coordination Annex

44 E-SURFMAR/NOAA - possible collaboration areas
Manual VOS and AWS inspections Drifting buoy deployments TurboWin software development AWS development Metadata database development AIS tools Uniform inspection forms Ancillary/support fleet developments Liaison with major shipping companies PMO training/secondments/procedures/work instructions

45 Questions Real World Perfect World © Crown copyright Met Office

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