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Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Michael Schaffer, Coalition Co-Chair.

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2 Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Michael Schaffer, Coalition Co-Chair

3 Overview Background Collaboration, Coordination & Communication Service Integration

4 History of Coalition 1996 - Two coalitions formed--ALA Attack Asthma & Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health’s Asthma Taskforce 1999 - development of Philly AAA designed for pediatric asthma with 2 target areas & many of the same coalition partners as above.

5 Introduction - Coalition Stakeholders Health care systems Primary Care Providers Schools Insurers Community organizations Nursing centers State and Local Health Departments Parents/caregivers Media Foundations 40 groups-102 individuals-60% active in committee

6 Collaboration, Coordination & Communication Analysis of existing system revealed all necessary resources already exist A desire to not duplicate efforts Network existing resources (i.e. coalition partners) to maximize services to those in need Centralized vehicle created to open communication channels between service providers and patients (Asthma CALL Center)

7 Service Integration Definition - Coordination of access to comprehensive asthma related services for the target audience population Goal - To facilitate linkages among systems that deliver and monitor healthcare to children with asthma

8 Coordination - Service Integration Ensure elimination of barriers to care Addresses access, quality, education, environment Identified through ED, schools, and community organizations Coordination allows for measurable outcomes


10 Challenges - Collaboration, Coordination & Communication Collaboration –Competition, opposing interests within the city Coordination –Developing procedures among partner organizations Communication –We kill a lot of trees –Time & Resource intensive to gain consensus –Timeliness of decision making

11 Challenges - Service Integration HIPAA -consent issues Subcontracting IRBs Protocols and Procedures Timelines Internal structural changes within large institutions Pulling it all together

12 Questions?

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