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Development of a Web Based B&B Reservation System Elizabeth Gates 22July04.

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1 Development of a Web Based B&B Reservation System Elizabeth Gates 22July04

2 Introduction Customer information Reservations Small B&B business

3 Goals Maintain customer information and reservations for parent’s B&B Learn database and web application programming Research web testing

4 Project Description Web pages Web application

5 Web Pages For potential B&B customers Available to the public Describes the B&B, owners, immediate area, provides directions, and reservation information Has a victorian look and feel

6 Web Application For the B&B owner only Must login Help page and Quick reference guide Add\Modify\Delete\View customer information Add\Modify\Delete\View reservation information

7 Target Customer Small business owner Well educated, intelligent but not necessarily strong computer skills Wants a tool to make running the B&B easier

8 User Interface Consistent and simple Return button to Welcome Page in same place on each page Logout only from Welcome Page Online help only on Welcome Page but on separate page

9 User Interface (cont’d) All valid choices appear on a menu User given flexibility when entering field information

10 Database Originally MS-Access because it was readily available Changed to MySQL because more documentation available The purchased version of MySQL offers more security for servers

11 Security Form-based authentication Login uses j_security_check, j_username, j_password

12 Web Application Demonstration Questions?

13 Design Approach Servlet-Centric Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture Database Manager Tomcat Servlet Container

14 Servlet-Centric User servlets to handle information flow Presentation Layer = JSPs Business Logic = Servlets Data Access = Database

15 MVC View Layer = JSPs Control Layer = Servlets Model Layer = Database

16 MVC (cont’d) Not the simplest but not the most complicated approach Allows handling of session management, data flow and database access more efficiently Separation of tasks for large project

17 Database Manager Single access point (singleton class) Error Checking Ties tables together

18 Database Manager (cont’d) Beans Class for each database table DatabaseMgr class

19 Testing Approach Black Box Testing Automated Test Suite Free

20 Web Test Research Web Site Management Tools Load & Performance Test Tools Link Checking Tools Web Security Tools Language Specific Web Test Tools

21 Web Test Research (cont’d) WebWalker JUnit HttpUnit ServletUnit TestCollector

22 JUnit & HttpUnit Unit tests for Java for white box testing HttpUnit extends JUnit to create automated test suites for web applications

23 HttpUnit (cont’d) Class to replace the browser Verify links Verify forms (number, action, fields) Verify buttons

24 Test Issues Testers must have knowledge of code Tests break because of change to submit buttons Tests break because of web page sequence changes

25 Test Issue Solutions Black box testing tradeoffs Unique ID created for each form The “Return to Welcome Page” button form has same ID for each page DB test suite

26 Lessons Learned DB testing not very effective during development Didn’t understand servlets and JSPs Couldn’t get vertical slice to verify design early

27 Lessons Learned JSPs and Servlets complicated Takes a lot of code and communication between servlets and JSPs to get a small application to run Went back to clean up code after better understanding

28 Lessons Learned DB Manager Class works well only for small-medium sized project Becomes too large Need a different design for large project Used to maintain a single point of access and handle DB error checking

29 Lessons Learned Credit Card Security Important for B&B owner to keep CC information Form-based authorization can specify SSL for file access Encryption of data in DB May cost money Requires B&B owner’s input

30 Web Test Suite Demonstration Questions?

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