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ODBC and JDBC Aggie Hoversten CSCI 397-16 Fall 1999.

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1 ODBC and JDBC Aggie Hoversten CSCI 397-16 Fall 1999

2 Overview u ODBC and JDBC u Why was there a need? u Introduction u Architecture u Examples in use u Pros and Cons

3 Why the need for ODBC/JDBC? u DataBase Management Systems (DBMS) u Access to multiple DBMSs u Client/Server computing


5 Introduction to ODBC u Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) u Microsoft created in 1992 u Different programming languages use ODBC to access different DBMSs.

6 ODBC Architecture Client Application ODBC Driver Manager SQL Server ODBC Driver Oracle ODBC Driver DB2 ODBC Driver Informix ODBC Driver SQL Server Data Source Oracle Data Source DB2 Data Source Informix Data Source Generic Vertical Custom

7 ODBC Example Oracle Human Resources Dept. w/client machines DB2 SQL Server ODBC Insurance company Financial company

8 Introduction to JDBC u Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) u Sun Microsoft created in 1996 u JDBC is similar to ODBC u Java uses JDBC to connect to different DBMSs.

9 JDBC Architecture Client Application with JDBC API JDBC Driver Manager JDBC to ODBC Driver Driver to Sybase Driver to DB2 Driver to Oracle MS SQL Server Sybase SQL Server DB2 Data Source Oracle Database

10 JDBC Driver Quartet Client Application JDBC Driver Manager JDBC Drivers ODBC Driver Native Database API Net Protocol Data Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4

11 ODBC Pros and Cons u Pros: u Highly efficient performance u No excessive memory u Understands many different programming languages u Drivers available for 55 DBMSs u Most widely used u The standard u Cons: u Difficult to learn and code u Few comands, but complex options

12 JDBC Pros and Cons u Pros: u Methods are simple and intuitive u Codes is easy to learn and program u Automatically installable u Portable u Cons: u Only for Java

13 Sumarry u ODBC and JDBC allow the client machine to connect to any DBMS on any platform. u Developers are not restricted. u Users and businesses have more control and choices of DBMSs.

14 References u The Microsoft Corporation, u Microsoft ODBC 3.0 Software Development Kit and Programmer’s Reference. Microsoft Press 1997 u B. Whiting, B. Morgan, and J. Perkins, ODBC Programming. Sams Publishing u Sun Microsystem Corporation, u C. Horstmann, and G. Cornell, Core Java - Volume II Advanced Features. Sun Microsystems Press 1998 u K Siyan, and J. Weaver, Inside Java. New Riders Publishing 1997

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