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1 Web Database Processing. Web Database Applications Static Report Publishing a report is prepared from a database application and exported to HTML DB.

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1 1 Web Database Processing

2 Web Database Applications Static Report Publishing a report is prepared from a database application and exported to HTML DB Query Publishing an HTML form is used to submit a query and the server responds with query results Application Publishing Support transaction logic, provide concurrency control over database changes etc. Page 277

3 Query Example

4 Transaction Example

5 ABC web connection tutorial f/Tutorial_asp/homepage.html For students using facbusad1: http:/ uanyuf/Tutorial_asp/homepage.html

6 Three-Tier Architecture Page 279 Figure 11-6 © 2000 Prentice Hall

7 Functions of Tiers Page 280 Figure 11-7 © 2000 Prentice Hall

8 Browser Connect to Web servers through URL Request and display web pages Submit data through forms Perform client site process

9 Web Server functions Maintaining session states Maintaining Server Side Scripting Environment Publishing Web pages

10 Maintaining Session States HTTP is a stateless protocol When database is used for transaction process, the Web server needs to maintain the identity of the client http://aserver/anapplication/default.asp ASP creates two objects: Application object references an application Session object references a client The properties of application and session objects can be referenced by script in ASP page

11 Maintaining Server Side Scripting Environment Communication with DB server Data caching Constraint enforcement View construction (XML or other) Security and control Application logic View materialization

12 Web hosting


14 Web browser vs. web server Personal web server allows other people view your web page if your computer is connected to internet with an IP number. You can copy any web page to your hard disk and view it using web browser without the need of local web server

15 ODBC Open Database Connectivity DBMS-independent means for processing relational database data ORACLE SYBASE INFORMIX Microsoft SQL server IBM DB2 Page 342

16 Role of ODBC Standard Page 340 Figure 13-2 © 2000 Prentice Hall

17 ODBC Terminology Data source: the database, its associated DBMS, operating system, and network platform Driver manager: intermediary between the application and DBMS drivers Driver: processes ODBC requests and submits SQL statements to a data source Page 343

18 ODBC Architecture Page 343 Figure 13-5 © 2000 Prentice Hall

19 Conformance Levels ODBC conformance level concerned through driver’s application program interface (API) Core, level 1, level 2 SQL conformance level Minimum SQL Grammar Core SQL Grammar Extended SQL Grammar Page 344



22 ODBC Data Source Name A data source is a ODBC data structure that identifies a database and the DBMS that processes it. File data source: a file shared among database users System data source: local to a single computer User data source: only available to the user who created it Page 346

23 Role of OLE DB Page 341 Figure 13-3 © 2000 Prentice Hall

24 OLE DB Object Linking and Embedding Database; OLE DB breaks the features and functions of a DBMS up into objects Provides an object-oriented interface to data of almost any type and used as an interface to ODBC and non-relational data With OLE DB, a DBMS vendor can implement portions of their product Page 348

25 Object Terminology Abstraction: a generalization of something, e.g. rowset is abstraction of recordset Method: actions that an object can perform, e.g. Open, MoveFirst, Move Next, Close Property: a characteristic of an object, e.g. AllowEdit, RecordsetType of a recordset Collection: object that contains a group of other objects, e.g. a recordset is a collection of field objects Recordset.Fields.Count is a number of fields of a recordset Page 348

26 ADO Active Data Objects; an interface that enables programmers in almost any language (including scripting) to access OLE DB functionality Page 351

27 Role of ADO Page 342 Figure 13-4 © 2000 Prentice Hall

28 ADO Object Model Page 352 Figure 13-14 © 2000 Prentice Hall

29 ADO Object Model Connection object RecordSet object Fields Collection Errors Collection Command object

30 Web-to-Database Connection with Active Server Pages (ASP) A scripting environment that you can use to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications The Web Server find the file and then processes all the ASP code between before handing back the page. Allows for easy querying and updating of a database from a Web page

31 A Simple Example of ASP hi.asp Today is and all is well Good Morning Good Day!

32 Use ASP to access database Create a data base on the server Create DSN (Data Source Name) using ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) In a HTML form, use action to invoke an ASP page In ASP page, connect to the database through DSN, using the values from the form to make a SQL query Execute SQL and generate a result HTML page







39 WYSIWYG Web Database Tool The shift from code-based approach to tools with graphical interfaces. All of the top-end WYSIWYG HTML editors have added database connectivity to some degree.

40 Macromedia Dreamweaver MX a professional HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications. Dreamweaver helps you to build dynamic database-backed web applications using server languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), JSP, and PHP.

41 ASP vs. PHP ASP (Active Sever Pages) is a Microsoft product, and is usually used in conjunction with the IIS (Internet Information Server) that runs on Microsoft services. Uses Microsoft Visual Basic. PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) is a open source program that runs on UNIX and Linux servers. Uses C++ and MySQL (free)

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