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Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) – HDM Ch 16.

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1 Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) – HDM Ch 16

2 Goal Safe and adequate maintenance of traffic

3 Issues Where is traffic going to go? Off-site detour On-site detour Staged Construction Temporary roads and ramps Temporary structure When can contractor work? Anytime? Non-peak hours? Night? What signs/markings are needed? Consistency with MUTCD

4 Others Do peds and bicyclists need accommodation? Are dedicated police traffic services needed? What will be sequencing of MPT? What are costs? Can capacity and LOS be maintained?

5 Off-Site Detours Use of state, county or local roads Detour lengths? Must look @ improvements necessary to handle increased traffic volumes: Pavement widths and thicknesses Structures Guide Railing Signs/Signals Lateral Clearances


7 On-Site Detours Staged Construction (build a portion at a time) Temporary Roads and Ramps Temporary Structures Misc: Must maintain driveway access Maintain one or two lanes? Should detours be paved?

8 Toolbag Flaggers Pavement markings Signs Channelizing Devices (cones, tubular markers, drums, barricades) Barriers Arrow panels Lights Traffic Signals Rumble Strips




12 Show Overheads Must consider how phasing will impact placement of materials Cross-sections can be used as a tool

13 Facilities for Bikes – HDM Ch 17

14 Bicyclists Improvements: Grates-eliminate or use special grates RR crossing-90 degree crossings or reduce flangeway width Pavements-Eliminate irregularities TCS-Check clearance interval

15 Bicycle Provisions Wide Curb lanes Urban areas 14’ of usable pavt width (wider if possible) Shoulders Rural areas >= 4’ (wider if vehicle speed > 35 mph, >5% HV, obstructions, children, ped use of shoulders

16 Shared Lane

17 Bicycle Provisions Bicycle Lane (portion of roadway designated for bicyclists) Used on bicycle routes mapped by MPO’s 4’ min. width Can be conflicts Bicycle Path (bikeway physically separated from veh. Traffic) Design similar to road

18 Bike Lanes

19 Bike Lane w/ Parking

20 Facilities for Peds – HDM Ch 18

21 Pedestrians-Importance: 2000 Census: New York State--30% of residents don’t own cars Estimated pedestrian AADT-- 20 million trips As population ages, expect more pedestrian use

22 Pedestrians and Bicyclists By law, pedestrians and bicyclists can use unlimited access highways and streets. Low Volume Facilities-share roadway w/ vehicles High Volume Facilities-best to separate traffic streams Reduce accident potential Decrease travel time

23 Maintenance NYSDOT does not maintain sidewalks, bikepaths or bicycle parking facilities. Local government agency must pass a resolution agreeing to maintain these facilities before they are built (new policy?)

24 Assessing Needs-Land Use 1. Residential 2. Business/commercial 3. Mixed commercial/residential 4. Industrial 5. Recreational 6. Educational 7. Agricultural/Open Space

25 Assessing Needs-Generators 1. Major employment centers 2. Schools 3. Parks 4. Shopping Centers 5. Residential Neighborhoods 6. Medical Centers 7. Colleges and Universities 8. Bus Stops 9. Transit Stations 10. Recreation Areas

26 Existing Characteristics Special User Groups Trip Purpose Frequency of Use Volumes

27 Existing Accommodations Locations of walkways, bikeways, shoulders and worn paths Incomplete systems Existing signing Existing conditions Existing features than enhance/reduce feasibility Existing Right-of-Way

28 Others Local plans Accident History Existing Site Characteristics: Parking Lighting Crosswalks Signals Drainage Roadway Surface Condition

29 Pedestrian Facilities Sidewalks 5’ minimum (see next slide) 2% cross slope 7’ minimum near parking lanes 6’-6” vertical clearance Shoulders (if no sidewalks) Greater than or equal to 4’ Crosswalks Traffic Control Features Handicapped Accessibility Features



32 Ped Accommodations Not Warranted Peds prohibited by law Cost disproportionate to need Sparse Population-Absence of Need

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