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請問 : 科技融入教學再你的心目中只是一 個不同於其他教學法的選擇 (optional choice) ? 或是一個必要的需要 (demanding needs)?

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Presentation on theme: "請問 : 科技融入教學再你的心目中只是一 個不同於其他教學法的選擇 (optional choice) ? 或是一個必要的需要 (demanding needs)?"— Presentation transcript:

1 請問 : 科技融入教學再你的心目中只是一 個不同於其他教學法的選擇 (optional choice) ? 或是一個必要的需要 (demanding needs)?

2 請這樣思考 : 如果我們肯定老師的角色是教導學生學習 如學習 也就是我們的學生透過我們的引導 能夠搜尋資訊 蒐集資訊 進而管理 分析資訊 最後使用資訊創造知識 程為一個又智慧之 人 然而 今日資訊可來自於不同傳統的途徑 ( 書本 老師 ……) 若我們仍以傳統的方式教 導學生 我們的學生是不是 “ 落伍 ” 了 ? 最要的 是能不能達道上面所說的目標 ???? (p/64)

3 在第二篇閱讀 Kleiman 提出哪些因素是造成 科技不能有意義的被使用來提升教學 ( 學習 )? 以你的經驗和看法你認為呢 ? Kleiman 認為我們不能被科技帶著走 (“we don’t want the cart filled with computer hardware to be leading the educational horse”. P.11) 老師必須清楚的知道使用科 技融入教學的目標 一你的經驗與看法 可以有哪些重要目標 ?

4 就研究顯示通常老師有效能的使用科技整 合教與學 有哪五個階段 ? 你想你現再是在 哪一個階段 ? 不同的學區因為教學資源不同 導致於在 使用科技融入教學中有不同的考量 (one is the computer is in control and leads the students through the lessons while another is the students are controlling computers for their own purpose) 這樣 的結果導致最嚴重的問題是公平性的問題 你認為呢 ?

5 如何有效的規劃與時 思科技融入教學 chapter2

6 You are a teacher in a middle school and want to use an expensive science software package for one of your instructional activities. You have access to a 15-computer lab, but you find out the school owns only one legal copy of the software. One of the other science teachers confides that he simply places the software on the hard drives of each computer and, when students are finished using it, he erases it from the hard drives. Would you recommend doing this? Why or why not?

7 You are talking with another teacher about your plans for having your students develop multimedia reports of their research on famous scientists. The teacher says that he has found girls do not like these kinds of activities and usually aren’t as good at them as boys. Therefore, he has stopped having females do any activities with technology materials in his class. Does this sound like a good approach to this problem? Why or why not? Can you recommend an improved one?

8 One of the teachers in your school told you about a project in which his students were doing research on the Internet. One of the students said he had “met” someone in a chat room who was an astronaut in the NASA program. The teacher encouraged several other students who were interested in space careers to contact the same person in the chat room and do a group presentation of their findings. Does this sound like a good strategy to you? Why or why not?

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