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Dual Monitor Software Free to try dual monitor software for windows with tons of useful features from

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1 Dual Monitor Software Free to try dual monitor software for windows with tons of useful features from

2 Wallpaper Management Configure Separate Wallpapers for separate Monitors. Easy to select and configure wallpaper. Select Wallpaper Orientation such as Tile, Center or Fit to Monitor. Inbuilt Bulk Image Downloader. Wallpaper Management in Windows 7 like user interface.

3 Monitor Management Switch from Clone Mode to Extended Mode in Windows 7. Disable Second or Secondary Monitor easily with desktop shortcut, hotkey combination or from System Tray menu. Configure Second Monitor State at Windows Startup. Turn Off All Monitors easily.

4 Monitor Control and Configuration
Change Monitor Resolution with Desktop Shortcut or with Right Click on Desktop. Rotate Monitor Orientation clockwise or anticlockwise. Open Monitor Settings of Windows with System Tray Menu of MurGeeMon. Change Primary Monitor to other connected monitor or display device.

5 Mouse Control on Dual Monitors
Lock Mouse onto Monitor so that mouse cursor does not leaves the Monitor’s Boundary. Unlock Mouse to Road across all the connected Monitors using a shortcut key combination. Move Mouse to Next Connected Monitor with a Shortcut Key Combination.

6 Screen Saver Management
Configure Dual Screensaver for Dual Monitors. Change Login Screen’s ScreenSaver. Change Login Account’s Screensaver easily. Disable ScreenSaver that is configured onto the Login Screen (The Screen that is displayed before you sign onto your account on Windows)

7 Dual Monitor Shortcuts
Change Primary Monitor Disable primary Monitor Enable / Disable Secondary Monitor Disable all Secondary Monitors Enable Secondary Monitor Turn Off All Monitors Open Display Settings

8 More Dual Monitor Shortcuts
Rotate Monitor Near Mouse Cursor Clockwise or Anti Clockwise. Launch Default ScreenSaver. Move Foreground Window to Next or Previous Monitor in a Multi Monitor Windows Computer. Maximize or Restore Foreground Window. Capture Image of Monitor near Mouse Cursor.

9 Other Dual Monitor Shortcuts

10 Display Slideshow onto any Monitor
Use inbuilt slideshow software to display slideshow onto any monitor. Control slideshow from main monitor and run slideshow in full screen mode onto second monitor. One Click selection of the slide using thumbnail preview. Configurable background color of the slideshow.

11 Explorer Bar on Second Monitor
Explorer bar can be displayed onto second monitor in a dual monitor windows computer or on the last monitor of a multi monitor windows computer. On a Monitor with Single Monitor or on a Computer with other monitors disabled, the explorer bar will be displayed onto the main monitor. Use Explorer bar to launch programs as can be done from the taskbar on the main monitor.

12 Control Desktop Right Click Menu
Add any of the Dual Monitor Shortcuts to the Right Click Menu of Desktop. Add or Delete extra menu options in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. A useful usage can be to add option to change monitor resolution with an extra menu option in right click of Desktop.

13 Dual Monitor Control for Windows 7

14 Video Tutorials for the Dual Monitor Software

15 System Tray Menu of the Software

16 Wallpaper Controller of the Software

17 Monitor Management in MurGeeMon

18 ScreenSaver Management in MurGeeMon

19 Dual Monitor Shortcuts

20 MurGeeMon Video Tutorials

21 Download MurGeeMon

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