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Andree’ M Sutton, Ed.S., LPC, NCC

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1 VA’s Veterans Employment Initiative Veteran Employment Services Office VA for Vets Program Briefing
Andree’ M Sutton, Ed.S., LPC, NCC Chief of Recruitment, Retention & Outreach

2 Overview In support of Executive Order 13518, VA established the Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO) and the VA for Vets program in November 2011 with the goal of enhancing the recruitment, retention and reintegration of Veterans. VESO’s mission is to support Veteran recruitment, retention, and reintegration through the development and implementation of innovative and comprehensive programs, services and procedures. VA for Vets is a high-tech, high-touch platform designed to help VESO meet it’s mission. It was designed, built and sponsored by VESO and utilizes technology, processes and people to assist Veterans and Military Service Members.

3 VESO Business Lines HR Services Recruitment, Retention and Outreach
Provides HR support in the areas of Veteran staffing at VA and other Federal agencies/nonprofits through the Feds for Vets initiative. Provides consultative services in the areas of policy, training, deployment and reintegration. Oversees USERRA case management for the Department Consistently ensures VA’s time-to-hire a Veteran through the noncompetitive process is less than 25 calendar days Recruitment, Retention and Outreach Provides a team of Regional Veteran Employment Coordinators (RVECS) nationwide to work with VESO customers to recruit Veterans to fill positions at VA and other Federal agencies Represents VA at U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes Hiring Events and Congressional Hiring Fairs Assists Veterans in preparing resumes and completing employment application packages and develops strategies to retain the VA Veteran population.

4 VESO Business Lines Data/Program Management Strategic Communications
Analyze and provide Veteran employment data to contribute to workforce planning initiatives; provide consultation to assist in VA for Vets program management Build data dashboard to monitor and track VA’s performance toward meeting it’s annual Veteran employment goals Develop reports on Veteran workforce trends and process VESO’s customer requests for Veteran workforce data Strategic Communications Coordinates all marketing initiatives for VESO and the VA for Vets program Manage media inquiries and coordinate interviews for customers seeking information on VESO and the VA for Vets program Manage all written correspondence related to VESO and the VA for Vets program; coordinate all speaking engagements/briefings.

5 Model for Federal Veteran Employment
Veterans Career Center Skills Translator Resume Builder Job Search Skills Assessment Results Increased % of Veterans Employed Increased Retention Rate Service Support Training Retention Communications High Tech High Touch Organizational Support Veteran Employment Services Office VA for Vets Recruit Reintegrate Retain Veteran Employment Executive Order VA Major Initiatives

6 Innovative Outreach Strategies
VA is committed to serving Veterans throughout the entire employment lifecycle with great programs like VA for Vets.  Visit to access our suite of tools, training, videos, and webinars that support Veteran recruitment, retention, and reintegration.

7 Leveraging a High Touch & High Tech Solution to Connect with Veterans
Video, Tools, Collateral, Webinars & Links to USAJOBS, TMS, Web Portal Veterans in Place (VIP) Onboarding Program Veterans as Mentors (VAM) Program OUTREACH Job Matching Social Media Phone, virtual world RETAIN & REINTEGRATE VA for Vets is VESO’s flagship initiative – and was established to put our goals into action. VA for Vets offers real-time, on-demand, round-the-clock support services tailored to the needs of each Veteran: Recruitment The VA for Vets Career Center offers the most robust military skills translator on the market in addition to professional career coaches to help with resumes, applications and interview techniques. Career Center – Translate military skills to civilian work, create easy-to-read resumes, apply to open VA positions and save all results into one profile Reintegration A full suite of deployment lifecycle resources was developed in addition to tools to help Military Service Members no matter where they are – by providing coaching support by phone, or Virtually through the Virtual Collaboration tool – an online workspace. Deployment Lifecycle Resources – Access vital information to prepare for and support deployment and reintegration Virtual Collaboration Tool – Interact with a coach, supervisor or HR professional in a personalized virtual workspace Retention A number of professional development tools have been built for mobile access Professional Development – Take Web-based and instructor-led training to sharpen skills or to learn more about deployment and reintegration topics Webinars and Videos – Learn about Veteran achievements and how to best support Military Service Members JOB MATCH & HIRE Mobile site expansion Additional training and retention programs Mobile Site Retention Programs RVECs Virtual Collaboration Training Deployment & Reintegration Coaches 7

8 High Touch RVEC Provide assistance to Veterans seeking employment at VA Offer resume building and career guidance to Veterans Educate Veterans on the Career Center tools RVEC Dedicated point of contact to facilitate a smooth transition during the deployment and reintegration processes Educate service members and supervisors about deployment and reintegration tools Provide transition assistance and collaborative coaching to the work unit Reintegration Coaches RVECS Veterans who seek a career with the VA Provides scheduled consultations with Veterans and Service Members who seek career advancement and development at the VA Educates Veteran and SM in the use of the Career Center and job aides Provides assistance to use available resources effectively Reintegration Coaches Coaches Service Members to achieve a successful deployment and reintegration Provides scheduled consultations with VA Service Members and the supervisors who support them to provide holistic services to support reintegration, transition and employment Educates SM with use of Reintegration check lists Provides referrals to expert service providers within the VA and federal government Call Centers Single Point of Contact for all Level 1 Technical Assistance Multiple points of access to include phone, , interactive chat Tracks and reports systematic issues using integrated technology Essential for complex technical programs Allows technical challenges to be measured in a qualitative manner Expert technical assistance Single contact for all customer technical assistance Multiple points of access – phone, , and instant messaging Help Desk Technical Support 8

9 Questions? 1-855-VA4Vets ( )

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