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QSI Serving Industrial markets in South America since 75 years.

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1 QSI Serving Industrial markets in South America since 75 years

2 Content Presentation Our History Quicorp QSI Perú

3 Our History

4 History 1939Our long and successful history started on March 6, 1939, when Química Suiza was founded in Peru. 1978Start of the operations in Ecuador (Quifatex) and Bolivia (Quimiza) 1997 The company establishes a branch in Venezuela (Quirexa) 2006Start in Colombia (Quideca) and Dominican Repuplic (Quirexa).

5 A new Brand for new challenges The beginning of the new century presents great challenges for the company, since its objective is to continue being the leading company of the customers choice the management decided to create the new company and brand QSI - Química Suiza Industrial, which brings together the companies in the different countries where it operates to create a single regional identity and further optimize the business.

6 Our brand

7 What we Do With a flexible and innovative structure QSI develops solutions in 6 countries with over 500 professionals, offering specialized raw materials and products, as well as machinery and equipment with top quality Laboratory Services, Technical Service and Certifications. QSI serves diferent sectors such as: –Construction and Mining, –Food and Beverage, –Farma, –Home and Personal Care, –Plastic, –Textil & Paper, –Agriculture y Animal Health Bolivi a Peru Ecuador Venezuela Colombia Rep. Dom Panam a

8 Quicorp

9 Leading Corporation in Health, Retail & Industry Business Quicorp is a corporation with over 7 decades in representation, importation, production, marketing, logistics, distribution and technical assistance of farmaceutial and consumer products, specialiced raw materials and equipment for the industry, agriculture and construction.

10 Structure Quicorp S.A. (Peru) QSI Ecuador QSI Colombia QSI Bolivia QSI Venezuela QSI Rep Dom Quideca (Colombia) Quimica Suiza (Peru) Quifatex (Ecuador) Quimiza (Bolivia) Industrial Solutions Farma & Consumer Products QSI Perú 50% 100% Bolivia Peru

11 Certifications and Systems Cifarma: ISO 9001 ISO Good Manufactured Practice Security and health management in plant Distribution center (Santa Anita) ISO 9001 Good Warehouse Practice Quality Management System Industrial Unit ISO 9001 Distribution Warehouse Manufacture Technical & support service ISO Technical & support service (in process) SAP R/3 – 6.0 Peru Ecuador Bolivia Venezuela Colombia Rep. Dom.

12 Sales & EBITDA Sales QUICORP (USD MM) +22.7% Rolling EBITDA (Last 12 m. – USD MM & % Sales) CAGR: 2010 – 2012 = 18% +13.4%

13 Growth Growth 2012 US$ (% on sales 2011 LE) PE EC BO VE CO TOT Growth Forecast 2012/2013 in Latin America

14 Pharma & Consumer Business (Quimica Suiza)

15 Structure Quicorp S.A. (Peru) QSI Ecuador QSI Colombia QSI Bolivia QSI Venezuela QSI Rep Dom Quideca (Colombia) Quimica Suiza (Peru) Quifatex (Ecuador) Quimiza (Bolivia) Industrial Solutions Pharma & Consumer Products QSI Perú

16 Pharma & Consumer Business Production MarketingSalesLogisticsBack-Office Several possibilities as menu option Bayer, Boehringer, Magnesol BASF, Huntsman, Solvay, Sankyo, P&G, Wella, Lindt Roche, Novartis, Infarmasa, Merck, Abbott, Bristol Renee Chardon, Albis Euclid, Quilab

17 Marketing Farma Quimica Suiza represents foreign pharmaceutical laboratories, for which it provides distinguished service in logistics, marketing, sales and distribution. With their sales representative team, they respond to a wide range of medical demands and interests. We have a wide knowledge of the market. Quimica Suiza works with the responsibility and innovation demanded by the pharmaceutical sector.

18 Commercial Services Quimica Suiza is responsible for the commercialization of health, pharmaceutical and related consumer products; offering marketing, sales, and collection services for the different companies that represents. It counts on a professional sales force, specialized for each sector in which it deals, offering various channels of contact, thanks to the technological tools designed specifically to satisfy each and any of the clients´ demands.

19 Industrial Business (QSI)

20 Structure Quicorp S.A. (Peru) QSI Ecuador QSI Colombia QSI Bolivia QSI Venezuela QSI Rep Dom Quideca (Colombia) Quimica Suiza (Peru) Quifatex (Ecuador) Quimiza (Bolivia) Industrial Solutions Pharma & Consumer Products QSI Perú

21 Sales Sales QSI Regional (MM US$)

22 QSI Perú – Business Sectors

23 Construction and Mining Admixtures for concrete, masonry and asphalt Electric tools and fastening systems Piping equipment and machinery Geomatics systems A team of qualified engineers and technicians responds to the requirements of the various construction and mining sectors.

24 Speciality Ingredients We offer a variety of high quality raw materials and specialty chemicals and equipment and provide technical support. Coating and Plastics Pharmaceutical Home and personal care Specialities for food Industry Lab. Equipment Machinery FOTO COSMETICA

25 Textil & Leather Dyes and chemicals Fibers Machinery Lab. Equipment Supported with technical experience, we offer pre- and post sales assistance as well as testing and development services for the textile and leather industries.

26 Textil, Cosmetics, Pharma and Food Laboratory Laboratory Services Investigation y Development Formulation Quality Control Consulting

27 Agriculture Distributors of products in the agricultural sector in Perú and Ecuador Leaders in organic and biological products Our agronomists are specialized in handling the plant physiology, a concept called Physio Nutritional Management (MFN) Help farmers to increase output and quality in their crops 70% of the products are own-branded

28 Veterinary Operates in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in poultry, cattle, swine and pets sector In Ecuador, we are leaders manufacturing vitamin premixes with our brands: Mikromix and Basemix Represent products from worldwide leading companies Provide advise to our clients with specialists in nutrition and animal health

29 Conocemos.Solucionamos

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