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“People” in FP7 – MARIE CURIE Seven Years of Funding Opportunities Presentation by: Dr. Conor O’Carroll.

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1 “People” in FP7 – MARIE CURIE Seven Years of Funding Opportunities Presentation by: Dr. Conor O’Carroll

2  To develop and strengthen the human potential of European research through support to training, mobility and the development of European research careers.  This programme will reinforce the existing “ Marie Curie ” actions of support to researchers, better focusing on key aspects of skills and career development, increasing mobility between university and industry, and strengthening links with national systems. Focus on the People Programme

3 European Funding FP7 2007-2014 € 48bn  Marie Curie Programme (€4.727bn)  €675m/yr (€425m/yr FP6)  European Research Council (€7.5bn) NEW

4 People – Marie Curie  Total budget of €4.727b  €675m/yr (€425m/yr in FP6)  Ireland’s success in FP6 – €59m = ~30% of FP6 total for a programme of 9% of total budget

5 People – Marie Curie  Programme is about the funding fellowships through individual or host schemes  Individual  Applicant researcher submits proposals to EC in conjunction with host organisation (university, IoT, company etc)  Host  Research group applies and is then mandated by EC to hire researchers

6 People – Marie Curie  Programme is about the funding the transnational mobility of researchers at all levels (PhD to senior researcher)  Covers all sciences: life, physical, mathematical, engineering, human, social and economic)

7 People – Marie Curie  Eligible countries are the  27 Member States,  Don’t forget Romania and Bulgaria!  10 Associated States  Third Countries  Everyone else, almost!

8 People – Marie Curie  Initial Training of Researchers - PhD  Life-long Training and Career Development - Postdoc  Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways  International Dimension

9 Initial Training of Researchers  Initial Training Networks  One or more research groups  Hire PhD’s, postdocs for research training (3-36 mths)  Recruit visiting scientists for expertise  Run conferences, summer schools etc

10 Initial Training –cont’d (RTN+ESTF+Conf + Chairs) Initial training of researchers to improve their career perspectives, in both public and private sectors, including through the broadening of their scientific and generic skills, and attracting more young researchers to scientific careers Single applicant or network with a joint research training programme Marie Curie Networks initial training and career development of researchers

11 Initial Training cont’d Chairs in Academia/Industry for experienced researchers to transfer new knowledge and strengthening supervision; Organisation of short training events (conferences, summer schools and specialised training courses), open to both trainees of the network and to researchers from outside the network.

12 Initial Training cont’d UL Participation in FP6 (2002-2006) Early Stage Training 4 applications 1 funded (Prof Mark Davies) RTN ’ s 3 applications 1 funded (David Corcoran)

13 Life-long Training and Career Development  Intra European Fellowship (EIF)  Postdocs at all levels  European Reintegration Grants (ERG)  Postdocs who have benefited at least 18 months Marie Curie  Co-funding for Regional, National and International Programmes (COFUND)

14 Lifelong training cont’d Intra European Fellowships (EIF)  Researchers must have PhD or 4 years fulltime research experience  individual trans-national intra-European fellowships awarded directly at Community level, to the best or most promising researchers.  Community funded fellowships may include a reintegration module in addition to the outgoing trans-national phase;  researchers with particular needs for additional/complementary skills  resume a research career after a break  (re) integrating researchers into a longer term research position in Europe, including in their country of origin, after a trans-national/international mobility experience.

15 Lifelong training cont’d European Reintegration Grants (ERG)  Researchers who have already been funded under the Marie Curie schemes (in FP7 or previous)  Purpose is to help researchers integrate into a new position in any Member or Associated country, including their own

16 Lifelong training cont’d Co-funding Fellowship Programmes:  Co-funding of regional, national or international programmes in the field of research training and career development where this fulfils the criteria of European added value, transparency and openness, targeting a competitive selection of existing or new regional, national and international funding programmes that focus on the objectives set for this action, based on individual-driven mobility.

17 Co-funding – eligible organisations  Official public bodies responsible for funding and managing fellowship programmes, e.g. ministries, state committees for research, research academies or agencies;  Other public or private bodies, including large research organisations, that finance and manage fellowship programmes either with an official mandate or recognised by public authorities, such as agencies established by governments under private law with a public service mission, charities, etc.;  Bodies at international level that run comparable schemes at European level as part of their mission.

18 Lifelong Training and Career Development contd. UL Participation in FP6 (2002-2006) EIF 1 application 1 funded ERG 0 applications 0 funded

19 Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways  Exchange of know how between industry and academia (transnational)  PhD’s, postdocs*  Recruitment by participants of experienced researchers from outside partnership  Postdocs only  Networking activities (workshops, conferences) * Note:researcher includes technical and managerial

20 Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways cont’d  Structure:  Staff secondments between both sectors within the partnership, with a view of reinforcing the intersectoral cooperation;  Temporary hosting in both sectors of experienced researchers recruited from outside the partnership;  Workshops and conferences enhancing the inter-sectoral experience and knowledge exchange  SME specific measure for small equipment related to their participation in the co- operation.

21 International Dimension  International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF)  International Incoming Fellowship (IIF)  International Reintegration Grants (IRG)

22 International Dimension cont’d (OIF+IIF+IRG)  Outgoing international fellowships, with mandatory return, for experienced researchers within the framework of life-long training and competence diversification, to acquire new skills and knowledge.  Return and international reintegration grants for experienced researchers after an international experience. Under this action the networking of researchers from Member States and associated countries abroad will also be supported with a view to keep them actively informed about and involved in developments in the European Research Area

23 International Dimension cont’d UL Participation in FP6 (2002-2006) IIF 0 applications OIF 2 applications 2 funded (Sarah Hudson MIT) IRG 0 applications

24 Calls with deadlines/cut-off lines 2007Total value of calls on 2007- budget (€m) Deadlines for submission Actions subject to calls for proposals Initial training Network OPENITN24008-05-07- Intra-European Fellowships for Career DevelopmentIEF7214-08-07- European Re-integration grants OPENERG9.525-04-0717-10-07 Co-funding of Regional, National, and International Programmes COFUND-17-10-07- Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways OPENIAPP38.431-05-07- International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development IOF2414-08-07- International Incoming FellowshipsIIF2414-08-07- International Re-integration grants OPENIRG14.525-04-0717-10-07

25 Costs covered  Researcher  Living allowance (€52,0000/yr)  mobility allowance (€500/800/yr)  Travel (€250-2500 /distance)  Career Exploratory (€2000 once off)  Host  Amounts depend on scheme  Overheads (10%)  Management costs (3%)

26 IUA National Contact Point  Advice and information  Pre-submission reviews  Advice on contract negotiation and project management  Assistance on Researcher Mobility ( Contact us:  Dr. Conor O’Carroll (  Dr. Dagmar Meyer (   01 676 4948

27 Enterprise Ireland National Contact Point  Focus on Industry  Bill Kee   01 808 2277






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