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WM Organizational Structure, Master Data, Process Management and Control, and Physical Inventory SAP Implementation.

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1 Warehouse Management (Part 1) EGN 5622 Enterprise Systems Integration Spring, 2015

2 WM Organizational Structure, Master Data, Process Management and Control, and Physical Inventory SAP Implementation

3 WM Overview WM Organizational Structure WM Master Data
WM Process Management and Control WM Physical inventory procedures

4 WM Organizational Structure (Review)
Client An independent environment in the system Company Code Smallest org unit for which you can maintain a legal set of books Plant Operating area or branch within a company Manufacturing, distribution, purchasing or maintenance facility Storage Location An organizational unit allowing differentiation between the various stocks of a material in a plant

5 WM Organizational Structure
Warehouse Number Number that identifies a complex, physical warehouse structure within the warehouse management system Storage Type Subdivision of a complex, physical warehouse Is identified by its warehousing technique, form of organization, or its function Storage Section Logical or physical subdivision of a storage type Groups together a series of similar storage bins Storage Bin Smallest addressable unit in a warehouse, which identifies the exact location in the warehouse where goods can be stored

6 WM Organizational Structure
Picking Area Groups storage bins together from the standpoint of picking strategies Warehouse door Marks the point where the means of transport changes to an internal transportation Allocation Zone Temporary storage of goods, which have just arrived or will be shipped soon Shipping Point Is the part of the company responsible for the type of shipping, the necessary shipping materials and the means of transport Transportation Planning Point Place of planning and processing transportation activities

7 Connecting Warehouse Management to Inventory Management
Figure 250

8 Substructure of a Warehouse Number
Figure 251

9 Storage location Master Data
WM Master Data Warehouse number Material Master Data Plant Master Data Storage location Master Data

10 WM Master Data - Warehouse number

11 WM Master Data - Storage type

12 WM Master Data - Storage Section
Storage section is a logical or physical subdivision of a storage type.  In one section, you can group together a series of storage bins.  You can define the criteria for such groups as required (for example, fast-moving items, slow-moving items, and so on).

13 Storage Bin Master Data
Two different organizational levels 1) Warehouse Level: All indicators and fields which are valid for the whole warehouse 2) Storage Type Level: All indicators which are only valid for specific storage types Also includes Storage Bins and Quants

14 Storage Bin Master Data
Smallest addressable unit in a warehouse General Data Warehouse number Storage type Storage bin number Storage Bin Data Storage section Picking area Fire-containment section Bin type Max. weight General Data Storage Bin Data (WM)

15 Storage Bin Master Data
Quant Smallest addressable unit of measure for a material in SAP ERP General Data Material Plant / Storage location Batch Warehouse number Storage type Storage bin Stock Data Total stock Available stock Block Indicator Block Putaway/removal status General Data Stock Data (MM) Blocking Indicator (MM)

16 Material Master Data Material Master
Contains all the information a company needs to manage about a material It is used by most components within the SAP system Sales and Distribution Materials Management Production Plant Maintenance Accounting/Controlling Quality Management Material master data is stored in functional segments called Views

17 Hazard Master Data Storage area for hazardous materials General Data
Flammable liquids Toxic materials Radioactive materials General Data Storage class Water pollution class Flash point Aggregate state Hazardous material warning Hazardous substance number

18 Batch Master Data Subset of Material Basic Data 1 & 2
homogeneous series of unreproducible units with an unique specification Basic Data 1 & 2 Expiration date Inspection date Trading data Administration data Text data Classification of Batch Material data

19 Logistics Execution - Process Overview
Figure 249

20 Process of Goods Receipt With Transfer Order
Figure 252

21 WM Process Management & Control
Transfer requirement (TR) A request to transfer materials at a particular time from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex Represents the expected and scheduled goods movements in WM Generally generated by postings in the inventory management Consists of transfer request header and line items Posting change notice (PCN) Generated by posting change processes in WM-administrated stocks Functionality similar to transfer requests Not necessarily combined with a physical goods movement Transfer order (TO) Central documents for WM Every material movement requires a transfer order No difference between real and logical movement

22 Transfer Order Creation of transfer order depends on preceding document Transfer request (TR) Posting change notice (PCN) Outbound delivery Inbound delivery Types of Transfer Order (TO) Creation Manual (TR, PCN, material document) Direct TO-creation Automatic TO-creation Manual (Delivery Monitor)

23 Global Bike, Inc. WM Organizational Structure

24 GBI 2.1 Structure for Warehouse Management
Global Bike Client 570 Global Bike Inc. US Global Bike Inc. DE Company Code Dallas San Diego Miami Plant Storage Location Trading Goods Finished Goods Miscellaneous Warehouse Number San Diego Warehouse Shelf Storage GR Area Ext. Receipts Pallet Storage Shipping area Deliveries Stock Transfers (Plant) Storage Type Total Section Storage Section STBN-2-000 STBN-2-001 STBN-2-999 Storage Bin

25 GBI 2.1 Enterprise Structure in SAP ERP (Logistics)
Shipping Point DL00 MI00 SD00 TO00 HD00 HH00 PE00 RM00 TG00 TG00 TG00 RM00 TG00 TG00 Storage Location SF00 FG00 FG00 FG00 SF00 FG00 FG00 FG00 MI00 MI00 MI00 FG00 MI00 MI00 MI00 MI00 Central Purchasing Organization (global) GL00 Purchasing Org. US00 CA00 PO DE00 AU00 Purchasing Group North America N00 PGr Europe E00 Asia A00 Organizational units displayed in grey are not yet implemented, but are already planned in GBI. Toronto TO00 Dallas DL00 Miami MI00 Heidelb. HD00 Hamburg HH00 Perth PE00 Plant S. Diego SD00 CC US00 CA00 CC DE00 AU00 Company Code Client GBI

26 GBI 2.1 WM in SAP : Logistics Execution (LE)

27 GBI 2.1 WM in SAP: Define Warehouse Number

28 GBI 2.1 WM in SAP: Define Storage Type

29 GBI 2.1 WM in SAP: Define Storage Section

30 GBI 2.1 WM in SAP: Define Storage Bin Structure

31 Exercises: (Due Date 3/27/2015)
Case Study 1:Goods receipt for Inbound Delivery Process overview Create purchase order Display materials inventory Display material inventory value Receive goods Review material inventory after GR Review material inventory value after GR Run Bin status report Create transfer order Confirm transfer order Run bin status report

32 Exercises: (Due Date 3/27/2015)
Case Study 2: Create and Process Transportation Order 1. Display materials inventory 2. Create transport order 3. Display materials inventory 4. Display material inventory value 5. Create goods issue 6. Review material inventory after GI 7. Review material inventory value after GI 8. Create goods receipt 9. Display materials inventory 10. Display material inventory value 11. Run Bin status report 12. Create transfer order 13. Confirm transfer order 14. Run bin status report

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