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Video Blogging with iPad and Wordpress And the 10 Apps That Make The Magic.

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1 Video Blogging with iPad and Wordpress And the 10 Apps That Make The Magic

2 My Story and Why You Should Listen to Me Today! 1.Composed music for TV and radio since 1979 2.Got a gold record for PacMan Fever in 1982 3.Played keyboards on hundred's of records and jingles with every Atlanta celebrity 4.Known world wide as the audio video guy 5.Recorded the theme to Wreck It Ralph for Disney at home on my PC in 2012 over the internet 6.Now work with business owners of all types to learn the power of video for the internet in Wordpress websites


4 Why Do So Many Never Make Online Video Like They Should! 1.Perceived to be too hard to create effective content 2.Believe the content has to be perfect 3.Not comfortable talking to the camera 4.Believe the equipment and software is too expensive for the return on investment 5.Professional video producers cost too much to produce for you because they don't understand the difference between broadcast & internet quality 6.Don't know that the iPad makes it easier and cheaper Procrastination is the biggie! Is that you?

5 iMovie for the iPad - the Magical App

6 Starts front or back camera to create clips Allows you to record voice to photos and video clips Time line of videos & photos for easy edits Easy to adjust audio, add audio Add music underscoring with tap of finger – auto mixed – music is secret sauce Video clips Still photos, screen shots or white board slides Music & SEFX Preview your work Automated transisitions between clips Easy to add lower 3 rd text

7 Easiest to shoot, edit, add effects, music and upload to YouTube – iPad or iPhone!



10 .com

11 Here’s video sample

12 IntroMate I create high end animated HD intros with music, text and logos with this app. In the 90’s this type of video cost thousands to produce, now done with an app costing less than a morning coffee

13 IntroMate Lot of templates to choose from, all with music and animations

14 IntroMate Takes just minutes to customize an intro or transition

15 Create lessons of slides, imovie videos, online sites, whiteboarding, photo annotations with talking head voice overs Record each slide or section 1 at a time, then chain together into a video for your membership site or YouTube Knowmia From Techsmith

16 You can bring in PowerPoint or Keynote slides to narrate, write text on, or create annotations Knowmia From Techsmith

17 You can record the camera as PIP while you narrating the lesson if you choose to

18 The other 7 apps Doodle cast pro – White board and slide show videos Teleprompt Pro – teleprompter & camera Greenscreen Doink – Greenscreen video recording

19 The other 7 apps iMotion – Timelapse video Extras for iMovie – HD backgrounds and Rolling credits

20 The other 7 apps Video Scribe – Hand writing animations of text and images Keynote – HD slides that can be imported into Doodlecast for slide show videos

21 Grab YouTube Share Link Upload video from iPad to YouTube or Vimeo Grab share link from your YouTube Channel

22 Paste Link or Embed Code

23 Use one of many mp4 HTML Player Plugins

24 Jack Winner case study

25 Builds a library of great content indexed in Google of helpful, sharable videos Videos convince visitors to call for more information and schedule appointments Builds an email list from his FREE traffic from YouTube and Google

26 Website higher in search engines because of efforts

27 Attributes 2 new patients a day from his videos To see this video and hear in his own words.

28 Podcasting on the rise

29 iPad App

30 Questions!

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