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2 What Is Cam? A cam is a device which convert rotary motion into linear motion or vice-versa.  A cam mechanism usually consists of two moving elements, the cam and the follower, mounted on a fixed frame.

3 Cam Mechanisms Necessary elements of a cam mechanisms are:
A driver member known as the Cam. A driven member called the Follower. A frame which supports the cam and guide the follower.

4 Types Of Cams There are many types of Cams. But some of them are given below: 1. Plate cam. 2. Face cam. 3. Cylindrical cam

5 Types Of Cam Face cam: Plate cam:
Sometimes called a disc, radial or edge cam. Made up of a flat plate or disc with an edge profile to transmit motion. Face cam: In its flat surface, this rotary cam has a groove cut within follower riding on the face of a disk. It’s motion parallel to the axis of cam.

6 Types Of Cam Cylindrical cam:
Sometimes called a barrel cam. It’s curved surface has a groove machined, within which a follower is contained. Cam profile rotates the follower moves upwards. When follower reaches the top, the cam rotates in the opposite direction and moves back down.

7 Types Of Followers There are different types of followers but they all slide or roll on the edge of the cam. Various types are shown below: Flat Follower. Point/Knife Follower. Roller Follower. Offset Follower.

8 Types Of Followers

9 Cam Profiles Pear Shaped Cam. Circular Shaped Cam. Heart Shaped Cam.
Cams can be shaped in any number of ways and this is determined by the way the follower is to move. The shape of the cam is called the PROFILE. Examples of various cam profiles can be seen below. Pear Shaped Cam. Circular Shaped Cam. Heart Shaped Cam. Drop Shaped Cam.

10 Cam Profiles Pear Shaped Cam Circular Shaped Cam

11 Cam Profiles Heart Shaped Cam Drop Shaped Cam

12 Cam Displacement Graph

13 Uses Of Cam: It is used in cars. It is specially used in loom machine.
Double overhead cams control the opening and closing of a cylinder's valves  

14 Advantages Easily designed to coordinate large numbers  of input/output motion requirements. Occupy less space. Expensive to produce.  Easy to obtain dynamic balance.

15 Bibliography


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