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Open Day Presentation Dr Martin Dempster, Director of Education School of Psychology.

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1 Open Day Presentation Dr Martin Dempster, Director of Education School of Psychology

2 Overview 1.What is Psychology 2.Our Psychology Degree 3.How you will learn 4.Our facilities & our school community 5.How you will be assessed 6.Your transferable skills 7.Your career choices 8.Your post graduate choices 9.Questions

3 What is Psychology? The scientific study of mind and behaviour A huge variety of issues of relevance to society, for example: How children learn What causes mental illness How people make decisions How groups are formed and influence us Improving quality of life for people with long term illness

4 Our Psychology Degree Year 1Year 2Year 3 Introduction: Cognitive, Perceptual, Developmental, Social, Biological, Personality, Methods and statistics Cognition and Development Conceptual Issues and Psychology for Employability Social Psychology and Individual Differences Biological Psychology and Perception Research Methods and Statistics Example Options: Placement module Psychopharmacology Serial Killers Developmental Disorders Approaches to Distress Psychology of music Everyday applications of Psychology Dissertation

5 How you will learn Lectures Laboratory classes Tutorials Seminars Individual tutorials

6 Our facilities £2.5 million refurbishment 128 channel EEG system Eye movement tracking systems Trans magnetic stimulation Child development lab Mobile testing lab Balance & movement labs Canine lab People

7 Our Research Makes a Difference Research in the School of Psychology has been judged to be world-leading and outstanding by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). Our research was judged to have an impact that was outstanding in terms of reach and significance outside academia. The impact figures reflect how the School's research knowledge is informing policy makers, developing industry partnerships and ultimately touching on the lives of thousands of individuals.

8 Our School Community

9 Support Adviser of Studies – help with academic choices Personal Tutors – promote reflection on learning Lecturers / module co-ordinators / level tutors We provide excellent pastoral and academic support

10 How you will be assessed Examination Coursework Essay Research report Group work Presentation Peer review

11 Your transferable skills Gather, analyse and present data Systematic and reasoned thinking skills Understand human behaviour Understand motivation and performance Team working Communication skills

12 Your future career Management Insurance HR / L&D Marketing & sales Teaching Social services Research Clinical Psychology Educational Psychology Health Psychology Forensic Psychology Sports Psychology Occupational Psychology Counselling Psychology

13 Your career development Year 1: time management, CV writing, communication skills Year 2: taught employability module Year 3: optional placement module All years: career fairs, career guidance, mentors, networking events

14 Your postgraduate opportunities

15 Any questions?

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