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Mickey Lynch, Jimmy Mulvey, and Brenda Palma

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1 Mickey Lynch, Jimmy Mulvey, and Brenda Palma
Neonatal Jaundice Mickey Lynch, Jimmy Mulvey, and Brenda Palma

2 What is it? Neonatal jaundice refers to excessive level of accumulated bilirubin in the blood and is characterized by jaundice, a yellowish discoloration of the skin, sclerae (white part of the eye), mucous membranes and nails Early recognition and treatment prevents severe brain damage

3 Who does it effect? Newborns (neonatal)
Their sclerae is very thin, so it is easy to identify the yellow color of the eyes

4 What is it caused by? Infection Liver problem at birth Blood problems
(e.g. abnormal blood cell shapes) Breast feeding issues

5 Investigation and Diagnosis
Determination of direct and indirect bilirubin fractions Determination of hemoglobin Reticulocyte count (Determines hemoglobin) Blood type Coomb’s test Examination of the peripheral blood

6 Treatment Phototherapy (special light treatment) Supplemental feedings
Blood transfusion (in extreme cases)

7 Related Questions Which organs are primarily responsible for removing old or worn red blood cells from circulation? Liver and the spleen

8 How is hemoglobin broken down and excreted?
Hemoglobin is broken down into globin (a protein) and heme (a porphyrin). Heme is converted into bilirubin, which moves from the spleen to the liver attatched to albumin.

9 Why would you expect the whites of the eyes to turn yellow as a result of jaundice?
There is an accumulation of bilirubin in adipose tissue

10 The Digestive System & Jaundice
Young liver cells are unable to make bilirubin or make it soluble in bile Decreases the likelihood of reabsorbing significant amounts of bilirubin in the small intestine

11 Cardiovascular System & Jaundice
There is a need to monitor blood bilirubin concentration because jaundice is the destruction of old worn fetal red blood cells

12 Lymph System & Jaundice
The spleen is an organ responsible for breaking down red blood cells, and thus is negatively affected

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