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Intergovernmental Subcommittee Update: Geospatial Platform Jerry Johnston March 18, 2011.

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1 Intergovernmental Subcommittee Update: Geospatial Platform Jerry Johnston March 18, 2011

2 2 The Geospatial Platform Definition The Geospatial Platform will be a managed portfolio of common geospatial data, services, and applications contributed and administered by authoritative sources and hosted on a shared infrastructure, for use by government agencies and partners to meet their mission needs and the broader needs of the Nation Vision All government agencies and their partners have access to geospatial capabilities to meet mission needs, ensure transparency and accountability, and geo-enable the business of government

3 3 GeoPlatform Enables developers, supporting government mission, to move to an enterprise standard development environment – Reduce a myriad of complex configuration and development environments Enables reuse of government common functions, components and data by other government and public developers – Expose government data and functional assets to external communities Enables infrastructure scaling of computing and storage capacities through public or private cloud services – – reduce program IT management challenges – Provide cost effective timely solutions for flexible computing demands becomes catalog for GeoPlatform

4 4 geo-enhancements with Geo enhancements Enable search discovery of catalog items (datasets, map services, catalogs) using location:  Geographic coordinates, proximity, place names etc… Allows for spatial visualization of existing map services and catalog metadata:  Evaluate data for appropriateness of use Improves harvesting with geo intelligence  Make metadata more discoverable and useable

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7 7 GeoPlatform Status Update SOW for effort has been developed, funding is being moved to GSA for procurement Pending discussions with states on RFI for Cloud Services -> RFP? Roadmap Version 4 submitted to OMB

8 8 NSGIC Comments on v3 High level summary: Better choose your success stories to pattern after (Digital Coast, NAIP, Exchange Network, NTIA Broadband Mapping, NGAC, HSIP) Define governance model and immediately implement, identify managing partner National Map approach vs. others Resolve funding issues or put on shelf Start small with state partners and iterate… Business and implementation plans need to be developed independently from Roadmap and made available for review by community

9 9 For Discussion Cutting to the Chase… What’s in this for a Federal Agency?  Savings on availability of shared infrastructure  Better sharing of and access to tools developed by others  Ability to quickly respond to multi-agency information needs  Elevating the visibility of our successes and failures in developing national framework datasets What’s in this for the States?

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