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Today we will: Be introduced to the Unit Project;

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1 Today we will: Be introduced to the Unit Project;
Talk briefly about outlines; Brainstorm in our groups; Create a detailed working outline for the Unit Project. Office hours today: Greenlaw 314 (10am-1pm, 1:30-3pm)

2 Outline Formal system to plan and organize your paper. It visualizes:
the sequence of your ideas, their importance, the connections between these ideas, and the evidence used to prove your overall thesis.

3 Initial Outline Idea #1 Make visible the relationships between your ideas, especially if you’re a visual thinker.

4 Initial Outline Idea #2

5 This is your final model…
Create hierarchies: I. A. B. 1. 2. a. b. 3. C. II.

6 Your final outline should look similar to this…

7 Group Discussion (10 minutes)
In your groups: Re-read the Unit Project assignment if necessary. Brainstorm and discuss how each group member should expand his/her feeders to satisfy the requirements of the Unit Project. Provide realistic feedback and take notes.

8 Independent Work Create an outline for your Unit Project:
Write down all the themes and topics you wish to include and think about their relationships to each other; Establish hierarchical relationships between these items and bring them into the correct sequence; Begin formalizing the outline and draft your rationale sentences, i.e. sentences that create connections between separate items and also connect these items to your overall thesis. Don’t hesitate to ask your group members to help you sort your ideas!

9 Homework for Wednesday
Read chapters 22, 23, and 24 in How to Write Anything (pp ) before you finalize your outline. Create your outline and formulate at least one sentence per section and subsection (and sub-sub-section etc.) explaining what each of the items in your outline accomplishes. Shoot for 1-2 pages. Post your outline to our website by 9am on Wednesday (Post your Work > Week 5 > Unit Project Outline). Read chapters 27 and 28 (pp ) to prepare you for our activities in class on Wednesday.

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