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Collection Development 2.0: The Changing Management of Information Resources Elvira B.Lapuz

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1 Collection Development 2.0: The Changing Management of Information Resources Elvira B.Lapuz

2 Why Change? Source:

3 Exercise: Change Checklist In this exercise you will identify stressors you have experienced during the past year and how you have handled them Source: Living with Change: Coping and Stress Reduction in the Library Workplace: Spring 2005 by Joan Crossman-Miranda for the Infopeople Project []

4 Scoring: Count up your total number of changes 1 – 15You are having a pretty easy year 16 – 25 Your year has been challenging 26 – 37 You may need to find someone to help you through change 38+: Hold on to your hat! Try to slow things down.

5 “Libraries are changing. Funding limits and customer demands are transforming staffing levels, service models, access to resources, and services to the public. Administrators and taxpayers are seeking more efficient ways of delivering services to achieve greater returns on financial investments”. -- Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk -- Library Journal, 2006

6 … changing needs and necessities which is the proverbial “mother” of all inventions. One of these inventions/innovations is the online (on-web) resources both for library users and personnel

7 Changing user needs Cell phones and text messaging Fast delivery of information Always ON and multi tasking Belief that everything is on the web Gaming and virtual realities Lots of things to share (info, music, videos, photos, etc.) Less TV, more online info

8 What does a library need? A STRATEGY for dealing with these constantly changing user needs while promoting the need for their participation in the creation and evaluation of the resources and services they want.

9 Web 1.0 is all about access to Information

10 Web 2.0 is all about participation

11 Web 2.0 Dramatic change in the production of information and the organization of the digital environment Social networking and peer production that empower individuals to create, distribute, share, and consume information


13 already 2.0 Nearly all services provided are based on Web 2.0 principles Acquired Flickr (photo sharing) and (social bookmarking)

14 already 2.0 Google is a play on the term “Googol” which is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term reflects the company’s mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.

15 Online vendor




19 Web 2.0 tools Blogs RSS feeds Wikis Podcasts and podcasting Social bookmarking Social networking Tagging

20 Uses of 2.0 tools Communication – to keep in touch with patrons and staff

21 Uses of 2.0 tools Distribution – make it easy to share information from anywhere

22 Uses of 2.0 tools Organization – for keeping information handy and accessible

23 Fichter, Darlene. “Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and Radical Trust: A First Take.” Blog on the Side..

24 Library 2.0 is about… Creating experiences for users Providing a meeting place Being human – understanding users and getting closer to the user User generated content Radical trust Recognizing staff competence Community of users and staff

25 Library 2.0 incorporating aspects of Web 2.0 into the library’s service delivery models making the library’s space (virtual and physical) more interactive, collaborative, and driven by community needs. The basic drive is to get people back into the library by making the library relevant to what they want and need in their daily lives [Cohen 2006]



28 Sharing/organizing in LibraryThing

29 “bookmarks” in


31 Library Instruction on










41 Library 2.0 and Collection Development and Management Use 2.0 tools to highlight collections Encourage users to participate Create partnerships and collaborate Need not focus on so much technologies – avoiding technolust Collecting knowledge from within Staff involvement and understanding needs and limitations

42 Librarian 2.0 – the guru of the information age! Thoroughly aware of the needs of the Net Generation Gives 2.0 tools a try to connect to this generation Explains how information is created and communicated and help students develop a sense of context when using information Encourages critical thinking

43 ELVIRA B. LAPUZ University of the Philippines Thank you!

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