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Museum Assessment Program: Public Dimension Assessment

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1 Museum Assessment Program: Public Dimension Assessment
Presentation given by Laura Ryan, Assistant Director, Museum Advancement & Excellence, Accreditation. BC Museums Association Conference 2002 Rend Lake, IL October 16-18, 2002

2 Today’s Objectives To answer the questions:
What is AAM’s Public Dimension Assessment? “What’s in it for my museum?” Why do it? “How can my museum start the process?”

3 MAP Stats MAP is 21 years old MAP has served over 3,800 museums
MAP has done over 5,000 assessments 49% of museums in 2001 had budgets under $250,000

4 MAP is: a process of Self-Study Peer Review
Comparing museum operations to standards and best practices Implementing recommendations

5 Characteristics of MAP
Collegial consultation Not pass/fail Tailored to meet the goals of each participating museum

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7 Some Uses of MAP Preparation for institutional planning
Evaluation of the museum by an incoming director Preparation for AAM Accreditation Response to major changes in the museum: expansion, move to a new building, loss of traditional income, desire to serve new audiences Leverage support

8 MAP Assessments Four Assessments are currently available:
Institutional Assessment Collections Management Assessment Public Dimension Assessment Governance Assessment (New in 2001!)

9 Public Dimension Assessment
Reviews the entire operations of the museum and how they serve the museum’s audience; looks at the organization from the outside in, while focusing on the public’s perception of, experience with, and involvement with the museum

10 Public Dimension Assessment Results
Understanding of the museum's image in the community Improved service to the museum's current audience Develop new markets or improving marketing Increased community support for and participation in public activities Better communication and cooperation with and between staff and board Improved public programs

11 Elements of the MAP Process
Application Self-Study Peer Review Implementation

12 Public Dimension Assessment
Readiness issues: Museum must have Mission statement approved by the governing authority Previous experience with self-study process (e.g. MAP, Accreditation, GOS application) Institutional planning document approved by governing authority

13 The Process Find the Partners The Museum The Peer Reviewer
The MAP Staff

14 Forming the Assessment Team
You form an Assessment Team - a group of people who all have a vested interest in the success of the museum Paid Staff Board members Volunteers Community members

15 Participant Quote “We thank you for MAP…It forced us to look at ourselves as we see us; and to see ourselves as you saw us.” Kathy Fisher, Director, Furnace Town Historic Site

16 Self-Study Workbook Questionnaire Activities
helps you explore the operations of your organization, and compare them to standards and best practices in the field Activities designed to produce a different kind of learning than the Questionnaire. Enable you to assess your institution’s knowledge about its operations in action Activities include: Public Perception Activity Public Experience Activity Public Involvement Activities* Focus Group Community Meeting Community Questionnaire * Participants choose one of the three.

17 Time Allocation The Self-Study Workbook will take the majority of your time during the assessment process. Over 57% of museums participating in Public Dimension Assessment report dedicating five months or more to complete the Workbook

18 Phase 3: Peer Review MAP staff help match you with two Peer Reviewers (MAP Surveyors); Surveyors make a site visit; Meet with the Assessment Team and other staff and members of the governing authority Prepare an Assessment Report with recommendations and resources

19 Phase 4: Implementation
Form an Implementation Team Review the self-study material and the Assessment Report Integrate assessment results into your planning for the next one to three years Set goals and measure progress

20 Revision of Public Dimension
In the fall of 2002, MAP staff, former MAP museums, peer reviewers, and members of the Museums & Community initiative at AAM will be working together to revise the Public Dimension Assessment Self-Study Workbook. * Revision will incorporate findings from the Museums & Community Initiative * New version will be available in 2003 (December 1, 2002 grant deadline)

21 MAP Availability: IMLS
Can be funded by grants available from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS.) Grant deadline is December 1 Grants are non-competitive Museums must meet IMLS eligibility criteria and satisfy MAP readiness issues There is a small museum cost share ($ )

22 MAP Availability: Once is not Enough
New for previous grant recipients: Museums can get IMLS funding to do a MAP assessment a second time Applicants must: have received their previous award on or before September 1996 report on what actions have been taken to implement planning based on the previous assessment

23 MAP Availability: Fee-for-Service
Museums may pay for MAP with non-IMLS funds IMLS eligibility criteria do not apply MAP readiness issues do apply Museums may start the program at any time

24 Participant Quote “The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is a "poster-child" for the MAP. We took advantage of it and used the outcomes as steps on a ladder to success. MAP helped us redefine and reposition the museum...The cumulative findings and recommendations from these activities were essential in creating strategic, long-range plans and instrumental in the decision-making process for planning, designing, developing and building a new museum facility. I have 28 years of experience in the museum field, and I think that MAP is one of the best programs that exists anywhere.” Peter Tirrell, Associate Director, SNOMNH

25 AAM’s Web site

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