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Public Health Accreditation Board September 2008 [Insert your name here] National Accreditation Update.

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1 Public Health Accreditation Board September 2008 [Insert your name here] National Accreditation Update

2 The Importance of Public Health..government public health agencies at federal, state, and local levels are the backbone of this public health system and must be strong. The Future of the Public's Health in the 21st Century, Institute of Medicine, 2002

3 A Rising Tide… CDCs Future Initiatives Future of the Publics Health in the 21st Century (IOM) NACCHOs Operational Definition Statewide Accreditation Programs Multi-State Learning Collaborative Exploring Accreditation

4 NACCHO, ASTHO & NALBOH moved to: Endorse the recommendations of the Exploring Accreditation Steering Committee for a voluntary national accreditation program. Lead, in cooperation with appropriate partners, in the development and implementation of such a national voluntary accreditation program that will drive continuous quality improvement.

5 Public Health Accreditation Board Established May 2007 Non-profit 501(c)(3) Located in Alexandria, VA LHD involvement: Board of Directors representation Workgroups oversee development Volunteer opportunities

6 Goal of a National Program …to improve and protect the health of the public by advancing the quality and performance of state and local public health departments. -Exploring Accreditation Final Recommendations, page 4

7 Eligible Applicants Any governmental entity with primary legal responsibility for public health in a state, territory, tribe, or at the local level: State Health Departments Local Health Departments Tribal Health Departments Territorial Health Departments

8 Developmental Work Standards Workgroup Assessment Process Workgroup Beta test Equivalency Recognition Workgroup Research and Evaluation Committee Fees & Incentives Workgroup Marketing and Communication

9 PHAB Timeline 20072008200920102011 12341234123412341234 Internal Operations Standards and Measures Assessment Process 18 Month Beta Test Applications

10 Standards and Measures Advance the collective practiceit is not a test, it is about quality improvement Build on Essential PH Services, Operational Definition, NPHPSP, and state experiences Keep them simple and reduce redundancy Be sensitive to burden of preparation and review Applicable to local and state health departments, and aligning their roles Applicable to large and small agencies

11 Standards Development Process Draft standards and measures developed by workgroups Alpha test/desk review Public Vetting in Winter 2009 Revised based on feedback PHAB Board approval

12 Assessment Process Health department Readiness review Self-assessment PHAB Site visit PHAB Board Determines accreditation status Appeals process

13 Substantial Equivalency Recognition Develop guidelines and principles for the evaluation of state-based accreditation programs so that equivalency to the national accreditation program can be determined Acknowledge states with existing programs Not a grandfathering process Recognizes programs that conform to the national program Not PHAB accreditation, but eligible for same benefits

14 Research and Evaluation The purpose of the Research and Evaluation Committee is to provide advice on matters related to evaluation of the national accreditation program for state and local health departments and research that would improve the effectiveness of public health standard-setting and accreditation.

15 Financing Affordability of fees critical to success Accreditation process should be designed with cost controls in mind

16 Incentives Uniformly positive Recognize high performance and quality improvement Third party recognition Demonstrate accountability to the public and governing bodies Gain improved access to resources Be part of a learning community dedicated to excellent health outcomes

17 Benefits of Accreditation Improves understanding of public health Promotes sharing best practices Provides a team-building opportunity for LHD staff Improves LHD staff understanding of co-worker function and roles Highlights LHD strengths Identifies areas for health department improvement

18 Stay Tuned for Regular Updates! For more information, visit: Public Health Accreditation Board Web site: NACCHOs Accreditation Preparation and Quality Improvement Web site:

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