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Chapter 2 “Cells” Section 1: “Cell Structure Pages 38 – 40.

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1 Chapter 2 “Cells” Section 1: “Cell Structure Pages 38 – 40

2 COMMON CELL TRAITS A cell is the smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions.

3 COMPARING CELLS The size & shape of a cell relates to its function. (job it does)

4 Prokaryotic Cells (proh KAYR ee yah tihk) cells without membrane- bound structures EX: bacteria pond scum

5 Eukaryotic Cells (yew KAYR ee yah tihk) cells with membrane- bound structures EX: animals, plants, fungi and protists

6 protects the cell gives shape is made of cellulose A cell wall is found in plants, algae, fungi, & most bacteria. CELL WALL

7 CELL MEMBRANE Outer covering, protective layer around ALL cells For cells with cell walls,the cell membrane is inside the cell wall Allows food, oxygen, & water into the cell & waste products out of the cell.

8 CYTOPLASM gelatin-like inside cell membrane constantly flows aka protoplasm

9 CYTOSKELETON scaffolding-like structure in cytoplasm helps the cell maintain or change its shape made of protein

10 NUCLEUS Directs all cell activities Contains instructions for everything the cell does These instructions are found on a hereditary material called DNA Usually the largest organelle

11 NUCLEAR MEMBRANE separates nucleus from cytoplasm controls movement of materials in & out of nucleus

12 NUCLEOLUS Aka “little nucleus” Found in the nucleus

13 CHROMATIN contains genetic code that controls cell made of DNA & proteins

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