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LESSON Cell Structures.

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1 LESSON Cell Structures

2 COMMON CELL TRAITS A cell is the smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions.

3 COMPARING CELLS The size & shape of a cell relates to its function. (job it does)

4 Prokaryotic Cells (proh KAYR ee yah tihk)
cells without membrane-bound structures EX: bacteria pond scum

5 Eukaryotic Cells (yew KAYR ee yah tihk)
cells with membrane-bound structures EX: animals, plants, fungi and protists

6 CELL WALL protects the cell gives shape is made of cellulose
A cell wall is found in plants, algae, fungi, & most bacteria.

7 CELL MEMBRANE Outer covering, protective layer around ALL cells
For cells with cell walls,the cell membrane is inside the cell wall Allows food, dioxygen, & water into the cell & waste products out of the cell.

8 CYTOPLASM gelatin-like inside cell membrane constantly flows

9 NUCLEUS Directs all cell activities
Contains instructions for everything the cell does These instructions are found on a hereditary material called DNA Usually the largest organelle

10 NUCLEAR MEMBRANE separates nucleus from cytoplasm
controls movement of materials in & out of nucleus

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