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HyperContent 2.0 JA-SIG Winter Conference December 5, 2005 Alex Vigdor, Columbia University.

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1 HyperContent 2.0 JA-SIG Winter Conference December 5, 2005 Alex Vigdor, Columbia University

2 What is HyperContent? A platform for managing web sites in a distributed environment A stable, scalable Java web application A solution designed by and for Higher Education Truly open source (MIT License) A JA-SIG sponsored project

3 Key Features Edit and publish sites from a web browser Store XML and publish XML, HTML or PDF Keep a history of file revisions Enforce granular permissions Set up approvals, notifications and schedules Publish locally, over NFS, FTP or SFTP Automatically generate navigation and site maps

4 A little background Under continuous development since May 2002 at Columbia University In production at Columbia since early 2003 Sponsored by the JA-SIG since March 2004 Implemented by 6+ other schools Over 50 web sites currently published with v1.4 v1.x implemented as a uPortal channel Version 2.0 is a standalone web application with integrated web server, workflow engine, and cluster-capable batch processing

5 Business model Columbia has a web production group offering –project management –information architecture –graphic design –site implementation –training & support Content experts author and publish their own sites 5 central FTEs service dozens of departments the eServices Integration group at the University of Hull offers a similar centralized web production service using HyperContent

6 2.0 Production Statistics November 2005 165,557 unique page views 906 logins 33 users 12 active web sites 5 restarts for bug fixes, 0 crashes 311 batches published 28,040 items

7 Content Authoring tools WYSIWYG HTML & XML editing Image convert, crop and resize Drag & drop navigation and site map management Dublin Core metadata vCard contact information w/LDAP lookup Multilingual spell checker Upload & download arbitrary file types Plain text editing for any text file type

8 Architecture: Foundation Repository API with versioning, locking, searching and metadata support –implementations include local, FTP & SFTP Asynchronous processing engine –automatically distributes batch rendering and publishing jobs across server clusters Event-driven workflow engine –Flexible XML scripts configure events, schedules, work queues, and sequences of commands that may send e- mails, trigger batch jobs, move work between queues, or execute any custom plug-in –Event & handler model supports loose coupling with other systems

9 Architecture: Web Content Extensible rendering pipeline configuration –filters for XML Includes, XSL transforms, Velocity templates, image resizing and watermarking, and more –persistent caching maximizes performance –recursive dependency analysis guarantees content freshness Integrated HTTP 1.1 server –tuned for dynamic content management HTML form input binding –bind individual inputs to specific processors –processors can expire inputs to prevent re-submission

10 Architecture: Enterprise Pluggable authentication –Uses JAAS LoginModules –Comes with JA-SIG CAS client LDAP support –Grab display name, notification e-mail address –Manage contact info and directories on web sites External web and file server support –Use network mounted drives, FTP or SFTP uPortal support –Feed XML or XHTML to uPortal, use single sign-on for transparent security

11 Roadmap HyperContent 2.0 went final on December 2 Upcoming development priorities include –Next-generation XML/HTML WYSIWYG editor –WSRP and UDDI portlet publishing –Integration with JA-SIG Groups & Permissions –JSR-170 repository support –WebDAV support

12 Web site screenshots









21 Live Demo / Q&A

22 For more information Visit http://hypercontent.sourceforge.net contact Alex Vigdor HyperContent Architect & Project Manager

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