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Entrenching SOA in the organisation

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1 Entrenching SOA in the organisation

2 Agenda What's SOA again? SOA Philosophies Entrenching SOA
The Service inventory / catalogue Ownership Governance Centre of Excellence (CoE) Pre delivery

3 What’s SOA Again? Two important definition:
SOA is an architectural approach centred around abstracting business capabilities into reusable standardised services. SOA establishes an architectural model that aims to enhance the efficiency, agility, and productivity of an enterprise by positioning services as the primary means through which solution logic is represented in support of the realization of strategic goals associated with service-oriented computing. SOA Design principles, Thomas Erl,, Prentice hall SOA is about creating services in a managed, strategically aligned and governed way Vendors cannot give you SOA – No such thing as SOA in-a-box.

4 SOA Philosophies There are different philosophies on how to implement SOA Its not only about reuse Standardisation Legacy rejuvenation / retirement Understand the animal you have chosen

5 SOA Philosophies – Which one is yours?
Capability Capability / Process Process Project Screen Reuse

6 SOA Philosophies – Where do I stop?
SOA is not for everybody Don’t build too many services – The Google rule Don’t “SOA” everything Process Services Task Services Diminishing returns - reuse Data Services Utility Services

7 Entrenching SOA

8 The Service inventory / catalogue
Create a “Middle out” service inventory of catalogue A Blue print of all the services you should have Keep the catalogue alive and current

9 Ownership Get ownership of SOA from business executives
Manage these stakeholders carefully

10 Services design authority
Governance Set up governance that works for your organisation Services registry and repository 3 Levels Executive Architectural Day to day Budgets, ownership, vision, strategy and Project office alignment Executive Owners, process and service champions, CoE Representatives Architecture alignment, EA Roadmap, Owners of the catalogue and standards Architectural Architects (EA, Business, Solution, SOA specific), CoE Representatives Service designs, Namespaces, development project governance Services design authority Service designers, Solution architects, CoE Representatives

11 Centre of Excellence SOA Center of Excellence Manage the SOA Lifecycle
Change management including policies for publishing, using and retiring services Infrastructure to help govern access and monitor service vitality Provide SOA Measuring Best Practices Visibility to usage and project information Business and IT dashboards Provide Skills Transfer & Early Proof of Concepts Identify skills gaps and create development roadmaps Drive use of new technologies and techniques such as BPM Provide Architecture Vitality & Thought Leadership Continuously assess, refine and architecture framework and supporting assets based on internal & external influences Provide Architectural Authority Single point of accountability and communicates SOA best practices, assets, and patterns SOA Center of Excellence Conduct SOA Architecture Reviews Perform independent design and architecture reviews for key applications and infrastructure Define High Value Business Services Modeling business processes, information services Best practices for identifying and defining shared services Establish Decision Rights Service portfolio planning and organizational design Assets and best practices

12 Pre delivery of services
Get Critical mass of services Pre deliver some services outside of line of business projects (LOB) Do modelling and discovery of assets – take the load of schedule driven LOB projects Granularity, granularity, granularity

13 Thank you

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