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Normal Anterior Chamber Angle

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1 Normal Anterior Chamber Angle
Schwalbe’s line Schlemm’s canal

2 Narrow Anterior Chamber Angle

3 Angle Scans Scleral spur (red arrow) Schlemm’s canal (blue arrow)
Schwalbe’s line (green arrow)

4 Closed angle with peripheral anterior synechiae

5 Normal cornea Structures visualized:
Epithelium (red arrow), Bowman’s membrane (green arrow), Stroma (blue arrow), Descemet’s and endothelium (yellow arrow)

6 Central Corneal Thickness Measurement

7 LASIK One month post-op LASIK flap edge visible in scan

8 Corneal Scar 50 y/o male, bungee cord injury 2 months prior
Traumatic corneal ulceration Thinned cornea with epithelial defect. Tear film visible over defect.

9 Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK)
Note gap between edge of DSEK and Descemet’s membrane of recipient

10 Peripheral corneal degeneration

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